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8 Product Picks to Create the Perfect Aquascape

Plant an aquatic garden any time of the year.




AS MULTIPURPOSE PALUDARIUMS GROW in popularity, so does the American aquascaping market. For customers who want to combine water, land, plants and animals in the same environment, stock hardscapes that fill the tank in interesting ways. Add hearty and delicate aquatic plants plus slippery shrimp to fill. Include trimming tools for a tidy landscape plus high-end filters and beneficial bacteria to keep water crystal clear. (See last year’s top aquascaping picks.)

Hardscapes from JBJ Aquariums

JBJ Aquariums

KEY FEATURES: Pre-washed to reduce sediment and packaged individually so you can let customers choose the right size and shape for their aquarium.
SALES TIP: Make a “Nature is metal” sign to draw attention to the wicked patterns on the dragon, seiryu and elephant skin stones., (877) 374-9981

$1.99-$2.5 per pound


Tissue Culture Plants from Aquatic Farmer

Tissue Culture Plants
Aquatic Farmer

KEY FEATURES: Tissue culture plants grown in a sterile environment, free from snails and other pests.
SALES TIP: Know what you’re getting — cultivating aquarium plants in a lab helps keep nature natural without sacrificing quality., (877) 374-9981

$7.99 per piece

Aquavitro Foreground Shears from Seachem Laboratories

Aquavitro Foreground Shears
Seachem Laboratories

KEY FEATURES: These surgical stainless steel foreground shears feature a double curve that makes it easy to trim on steep angles and to get the stems closer to the aquarium bed.
SALES TIP: Cut the loose ends — these scissors are extremely effective at trimming in hard to reach places around driftwood and rocks., (888) 732-2436


Aqueon Pure bacteria and enzymes

Aqueon Pure

KEY FEATURES: Squiggly, jiggly balls of live, nitrifying bacteria and enzymes break down organic sludge that causes poor water clarity.
SALES TIP: No more guesswork: The bacteria grows or shrinks related to the needs of the aquarium, and you cannot overdose the tank., (888) 255-4527


Ancient reef rocks from Cobalt

Ancient Reef Rocks

KEY FEATURES: These ancient reefs add depth and texture to aquascaping habitats, give aquatic plants something to cling to and offer small fish a place to hide.
SALES TIP: Get moss and tortoise rocks in bulk and repackage them so your customers can customize their tanks., (803) 591-9500



Floral Aquatic Plant Kit from Fluval

Floral Aquatic Plant Kit

KEY FEATURES: Includes brilliant 7500K LED lighting, a pressurized CO2 kit and an iron-enriched GRO+ micronutrient formula, plus a multistage filter with adjustable flow control.
SALES TIP: A real all-in-one, this plant kit includes everything you need to grow a thriving underwater garden., (800) 724-2436


Life Rock XL Arches from CaribSea

Life Rock XL Arches

KEY FEATURES: A super-sized arch that offers natural, spacious hides for large reef fish and acts as the ideal platform for coral display.
SALES TIP: More than just a pile of rocks, this 36-inch show-stopper adds drama to a large tank without reducing the pool size., (772) 461-1113


BioMaster Thermo External Aquarium Filter

BioMaster Thermo External Aquarium Filter

KEY FEATURES: An external aquarium filter with four stages: biological, mechanical, chemical and pre-filter.
SALES TIP: Reduces the amount of additional equipment for aquascapers so they can spend more money on plants and small fish., (866) 627-3435


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