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Latest Dog Collars Help Dogs and Owners Express Themselves, Stay Safe

Self expression and safety drive new releases.




FROM A POOFY princess to a tough biker boy, collars, leashes and other dog accessories have long been a way for pet parents to make a statement for their pooches. New releases continue the trend of personalization. Along with the need for self-expression is the desire to keep pets safe, as seen in an increase in new products that make it a priority through reflective webbing, anti-pull harnesses and more.

SmartID Collar
Max and Molly

KEY FEATURES: Available in four sizes and 17 colorful designs. Customers register at for free. If pet is lost, finder is directed to website, and owner’s contact info.

SALES TIP: Not only do they look good, collars are also weatherproof and odor-proof., (843) 380-4042



Walk-Along Outdoor Harness

KEY FEATURES: Can be used as a standard harness, no-pull harness and seat belt tether. With padded chest straps and reflective accents that will keep dogs comfortable and safe.

SALES TIP: Includes a lightweight, water-resistant zipper pouch for storing essentials., (800) 933-5595


Oxford Leather

KEY FEATURES: A collection of simple and sophisticated collars and leashes with a rustic appeal that works in both urban and rural settings. Available in brown and black.

SALES TIP: Comfortable and durable, full-grain leather is also designed to age well, with a lustrous patina., (877) 3EZYDOG


Outings Leash
West Paw

KEY FEATURES: All the basics — machine washable, utility loop for accessories, waste bags and cross-body carry — plus eco-friendly webbing made from plastic water bottles. USA made.

SALES TIP: Anything but drab, this collection comes in five bold patterns, with corresponding collars., (800) 443-5567



Customizable Collars
Concha Collar

KEY FEATURES: Soft leather collars in four colors and six sizes. For the ultimate in personalization, pet owners choose their own charms, designed by company’s founders.

SALES TIP: Charmed life: “Ready to Wear” collars take the work out of it, available in themes like holiday, wedding, etc., (312) 656-7734


Triton Bungee Leash
Shed Defender

KEY FEATURES: Shock-absorbing bungee stretches from 4- to 7-foot length to provide comfort and control. Available in black and royal blue.

SALES TIP: The design prevents a dog’s legs from getting tangled while walking and stops harsh pull when dog tries to dart off unexpectedly.


2-in-1 Harness
Walkee Paws

KEY FEATURES: Easy on and off, with adjustable chest strap and safety buckle. Made with water-repellent neoprene fabric. Comes in reversible pattern in two styles: Hearts/Confetti and Classic/Skulls.

SALES TIP: Constructed to pair perfectly with Walkee Paws Leggings for extra accessorizing., (301) 892-5533



Web Reaction Collar

KEY FEATURES: Martingale collar with reflective webbing and side-release buckle for easy on/off. A great training tool for creating positive on-leash experience.

SALES TIP: A popular solution for dogs who can slip out of traditional collars., (888) 783-3932


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