Leave the Mess Behind with These Creative Pet Bandana Displays

MERCHANDISING PET BANDANAS can be a challenge. Whether you drape, hang or lay them flat, the display will require regular tidying up. These stores minimize the potential mess while maximizing appeal, resulting in brisk sales of the colorful kerchiefs.

Bark on Mulford

The bandanas at this store drape over wooden ladder rungs, tuck into a chicken feeder and lie flat on a stool, with all fixtures found at a vintage resale shop. Kaye Busse-Kleber says, “I design most of our bandanas, and my mom sews them. I made a book of dogs wearing our bandanas, gave a copy to her for Christmas and have one on display.”

Firehouse Pet Shop & Grooming

Jennifer Larsen prefers bandana lines with display cards. Otherwise, they’re “too messy and inconsistent.” She carries Canada Pooch, Tail Trends and Mirage, and uses magnetic hooks to display them on a metal column wrap.


Fetch RI

The bandanas at this store are custom-made, by a local seamstress, as is the fixture from which they hang. Johnna Devereaux says, “I purchased thin bamboo sticks from the garden section of my local hardware store and hot-glued bamboo clothespins directly onto the sticks. I then mounted the sticks with a u-bracket — found in the plumbing department — to the wall! It was super easy and inexpensive, maybe $10!”


Holly Lemieux decorates a lighted faux-birch tree from Amazon with her bandana offerings, which include patterns from The Worthy Dog. She recommends this display only for light fabrics: “The bendies bend way too easily for heavier items.”

Southern Barker

A wooden ladder from Target helps keep tidy bandanas from Coco + Pistachio, The Rover Boutique and Tail Trends, among others. Leslie Stewart says, “I hang them with black single clips because it reminds me of going to a furniture store and getting to pick out a custom fabric. There is just something about seeing the fabric nicely folded and lined up that makes it so attractive!”


Lucky Dogs

Amy Schiek strung a nylon clothesline within a shelving unit, securing it with hooks on interior walls. Perfectly placed wooden clothespins hang bandanas above, while additional patterns store in plastic bins below. She hit up Home Depot for supplies when it came time to update this display. “When we had them only folded in a basket, they did not sell as well because they were easy to overlook. I decided to hang a selection so customers could see more of the patterns. I expanded from seasonal into everyday patterns, and they have sold very well. We carry Woof & Wild, Dapper Chic Dogs, Charlie & the Hound, The Worthy Dog and American School of Charm.”

Four Muddy Paws

This store’s two locations sell bandanas, bow-ties and collar flowers made by a local seamstress. A “photo tree” displays the latter two items perfectly.

Pamela Mitchell

Pamela Mitchell is the Editor-in-Chief of PETS+. She works from her home office in Phoenix, AZ, with Ty the Boston Terrier as her assistant.

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