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LIQ Launches as the Innovative and Interactive Way to Treat Your Pets

It is a low calorie and interactive way to treat your pets.




LIQ liquid treats launches

(PRESS RELEASE) MIAMI, FL — LIQ liquid treats has launched as the industry-disrupting new product for dogs and cats. Aimed at improving the lives of pets inside and out, LIQ is a low calorie and interactive way to treat your pets. With four healthy recipes and a bottle designed to massage pets, LIQ lives up to its mission: Love on the Inside. Love on the Outside.

LIQ is the dream of the founder and president, Lili, who has spent her life dedicated to animal rescue and welfare. “Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a deep love for animals, and with it came my desire to protect the ones in need,” says Lili. “Almost like a dream I imagined how nice it would be to be able to invent a liquid treat for them that nobody had ever thought of. Proceeds from every purchase of LIQ will go to support animal charities and further Lili’s goal of building better lives for pets.

With this launch, LIQ has transformed the treating experience into a bonding moment with pets while delivering functional ingredients to help them thrive. And all LIQ treats are low calorie to help support weight management. LIQ is sure to be the healthy liquid treat pets will love.

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