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The Ultimate Cat Litter Box and More Business Boosters for March-April

Check out the gold standard of litter boxes.




King of Kitty Commodes

The ever-present burden of scooping has been lifted with the newly redesigned self-cleaning LITTER ROBOT III, the gold standard of litter boxes. Rich with features such as a weight sensor that adjusts for different sized cats, an enlarged entryway and a “drawer full” indicator for the waste receptacle.


Blowing Bubbles

Pulling double duty, the HYDOR WONDER KIT bubble maker keeps aquarium water aerated and serves as attractive decor with LED light display. Perfectly sized for nano aquariums, these resin decorations come in a range of styles and light choices.


Help a Vet

The folks behind the sites and have created DESERT CAMO BEAD BRACELETS to raise funds for pairing veterans with a service dog or shelter pet. Set up a display next to your cash register for a mission your customers will feel good about supporting.


Unwelcome Mats

Recommended by pet professional Keith Miller (see Sanity Files on page 70), additive-free BARK 2 BASICS BLUEBERRY D-MAT CONDITIONER gets the job done when dealing with tough tangles. The gallon bottle is concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way. Did we mention it smells like blueberry pie?


Snap It to Me

A custom Snapchat geofilter means that anyone using Snapchat in the area you define at the time you have specified will have the option of using your custom-designed overlay to spice up any photos they post. Perfect for special events.

$5 and up

This article originally appeared in the March-April 2017 edition of PETS+.

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