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Shawna Schuh

Make Your Business Binge-Worthy

How to make your business like a TV series you can’t stop watching



HAVE YOU EVER BEEN hooked on a television series?

OK, I get that it’s a shameful thing to admit from a successful and seeking business person. Our conscious mind says, “I should be reading a business book, learning how to use social media better, or do the paperwork that’s long overdue.”

But somewhere in our mind, we are compelled to turn on one more episode of this series that is doing really nothing for us but taking up time. We keep doing it because it feels good.

Why we do this may just be the secret to getting people to be that sucked into our business story.

So let’s break this down. People follow:

Interesting characters: That would be you, and those you employ, and those you attract. In your favorite series, you begin to feel for the characters. I say “feel” because sometimes you hate a character too. The secret is this: The characters are interesting.


Are you being your most interesting self for your customers?

Tip: Those who are interesting are usually interested — asking questions, telling stories, being quick to laugh and having a sense of fun.

Ongoing challenges: Things to overcome that others can feel involved with. When your characters are tackling an obstacle (many times that they created themselves), we love to watch, weigh in and talk about it.

What are you sharing with your customers?

Tip: Share more of your goals and journey with your clients. Let them in on your big plans. The feeling of, “We’re in this together” is a sure way to keep them tuning into you.

Real connecting: Most great storylines show people deeply connected, sharing times, laughter and tears and sacrifices for each other. Day to day seems so much less dramatic than our shows, but it’s only that way if you think it is.


Do you consider your life like an epic novel?

Tip: Your life is like a novel. Focus on those big and small connecting moments and put as much energy as those you’re watching do.

Cliffhangers: Often, not knowing how it ends is the most tantalizing thing (and sometimes frustrating too!), but we keep watching and giving our time to something that makes us curious.
Businesses do this all the time with sneak previews and hints about new products. Are you doing this enough?

Tip: Give your customers something to look forward to. Either surprises or annual events that are fun and engaging. If you are already doing this, how can you use the techniques from successful series to add more mystery or intrigue?

Next time you watch your favorite show, note what you love most and ask yourself, how can I do this for my pet business?




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