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Meet the Man Who Helps Dallas’ Most Finicky Furballs

The residents of Dallas turn to him to solve their pets’ dietary issues.




THE STREETS: DARK. The dogs: hungry. Their palates: picky. In desperate times when a city’s cherished canines turn up their snouts at every dish placed before them, and hope seems lost of getting them to gobble down a nourishing meal, residents of Dallas turn to one man — Telekinisor, Friend of Finicky Furballs.

Aka Eloy Trevino of the Green Pet all-natural pet food store, Telekinisor is a master of canine tummy troubles. Says Eloy: “My favorite thing to do is heal a loved pet from the inside out, and with 20 years of experience, I’ve heard just about every scenario under the sun.” Educated in chemistry and biology, Eloy’s career has stayed close to pets. His science degree first led him to a chemist job, but he soon became manager of a pet supply store focused on nutrition and later a rep for a pet food company. 

With Green Pet, Eloy and business partner Leslie McKay specialize in nutritional pet food, treats, chews and toys — emphasizing all-natural and organic grub. “Most owners think that their dogs are allergic to food, but there’s only a 3 percent chance that a pet truly has a food allergy. Generally, 65 percent of dogs are suffering from an overactive immune issue directly related to the quality of the food. My first step to finding out the problem is to take a quick history of the dog. How old? What breed? Current diet? Health issues? Once I analyze many variables, I’ll recommend a new food with a different protein source. And once they’re acclimated, I’ll introduce variation and rotation slowly.” 

And there you have it, folks. With knowledge as power, Telekinisor reigns, returning the dogs of Dallas to what really matters: nosing and noshing at their beloved food bowls once more.





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