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Meowijuana Expands with Distributor in Taiwan

It has partnered with Petiia Co. Ltd.




(PRESS RELEASE) LENEXA, KS — Meowijuana, a SmarterPaw Brand, continues its worldwide expansion by launching a strategic distribution partnership with Petiia Co. Ltd. to distribute its award-winning products throughout Taiwan.

Furthering the expansion of Meowijuana’s pawprint across the globe, pet retailers and pet-parents in Taiwan will now be able to experience Meowijuana’s innovative product assortment that promotes feline health, wellness and fun.

SmarterPaw’s expansion of award-winning Meowijuana products into Taiwan by Petiia will include best-selling skus such as Meowijuana’s proprietary catnip blends, catnip pellet grinders, catnip cigar boxes and new lines of catnip toys for 2021 and beyond.

“We are thrilled for this opportunity to expand our growing brand into Taiwan with this exclusive Petiia partnership,” shares Scott Ragan, managing partner and chief executive officer (CEO) of Meowijuana and Smarter Paw, LLC. “We look forward to serving this incredible country of passionate pet-parent solutions that promote health naturally for their cats while seeking out a lot of fun along the way.”

“SmarterPaw’s Meowijuana product assortment falls in-line with our mission and vision at Petiia, and we are excited to welcome them onboard,” states Nicholas Hung, founder and owner of Petiia Co.




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