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Metro Paws Announces 2020 Smear Campaign Dog Poop Bags

It launched July 4th, 2020.




Metro Paws Announces 2020 Smear Campaign Dog Poop Bags

(PRESS RELEASE) After a successful #SmearCampaign with the 2012 and 2016 Presidential Election, Metro Paws, the original creators of political satirical poop bags, have come back with a new collection for the 2020 Presidential election, launching July 4th, 2020. We want to encourage people more than ever to VOTE. People have so much passion currently about the state of our country and its future and these bags are an extension of a unique way of voicing their beliefs.

The Repooplican red bags feature current President Donald Trump, with a fresh new illustration, perfect for the democrats out there. The Democrap blue bags boast the Democrat nominee, Joe Biden. These poop bags are the ultimutt gift or even a collector’s piece for yourself or a friend.

These limited edition, collector’s items are 9.5” x 13”, with 20 bags per roll, and 4 rolls per pack! Active users of Smear Campaign bags include actor Jaime Foxx, the California governor’s wife, Glenn Close and Jimmy Fallon, just to name a few. The Smear Campaign Poolitical bags are available for purchase at independent retailers or online at

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