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MyBird Provides Helpful Resources as Pet Bird Ownership Continues to Grow provides resources and celebrates the joys and benefits of owning a companion bird.




(PRESS RELEASE) With their high intelligence, beautiful looks, and engaging personalities, birds are among the fastest growing market of pets for U.S. households. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), an estimated 6.1 million households now include pet birds, representing a seven percent increase over the last five years. However, birds are complex creatures that require a long-term commitment – and as they become increasingly popular pets, it’s crucial for current and potential bird owners alike to have access to reliable information about how to properly care for their feathered friends. The Bird Enjoyment and Advantage Koalition (BEAK) and its consumer-facing marketing campaign,, are pleased to provide these resources while nurturing a community designed to celebrate the joys and benefits of owning a companion bird.

Latest Trends in Pet Bird Ownership

According to data from Nielsen, which examined sales of bird food and treats at U.S. pet retailers over a 52-week period ending on September 1, 2023, growth in the pet bird category is particularly strong when compared to the small animal category. Specifically, total domestic bird grew three percent in that time period. The gains in the bird category occurred in both the pet specialty channel, as well as in the grocery/mass channel.

While this data may be partially explained by the longer lifespan of pet birds compared to most small animals, research also indicates that owners tend to bond more closely with their birds – similar to a relationship with a dog or cat. Regardless of the reasons, the latest data clearly demonstrates that Americans are increasingly showing an interest in birds as pets, and bird owners are pampering their avian companions with treats and other products.

“It’s been great to see how people are recognizing what wonderful pets these intelligent creatures can be,” said Brent Weinmann, BEAK Chairman. “In the right household environment, the bond between human and bird can be incredibly enriching. I’m glad to be part of BEAK and hope that our efforts have been instrumental in fostering these relationships.”

How BEAK Supports Pet Bird Owners


Formed in 2016, BEAK is a coalition of leading pet bird product retailers, manufacturers and associations. The organization established MyBird as a way to engage current and potential bird owners, encourage interest in pet bird ownership, equip bird owners with the information and resources they need to care for their pets responsibly, and support pet bird retailers and related businesses across the country.

“As Executive Director of BEAK, it’s really a privilege to be able to work with the top people in the avian sector who continue to develop and improve a one-of-a-kind consumer-facing support system consisting of our website,, our social media community of over 230,000 and our rapidly growing targeted direct email list,” said Pete Risano, BEAK Executive Director. “The value we are able to provide to pet bird parents, as well as our manufacturer partners, is really off the charts!”

At, which receives an impressive 500,000 visitors annually, users can find a trove of fun and informative resources, including:

An interactive quiz designed to guide people who are interested in acquiring a pet bird to the species that may be a good fit for their lifestyle. Developed by avian experts, the quiz includes questions about important factors such as the respondent’s time and financial commitments, living arrangements, noise tolerance, and the expected lifespan and level of affection they are hoping to find in a pet bird. Since its inception, approximately 1.5 million people have taken the bird quiz.

  • Locator tools designed to help visitors find retailers in their area that sell pet birds and bird-related products, birds available for adoption from reputable sources, avian veterinarians, regional bird clubs and avian boarding facilities.
  • Fact sheets about some of the most common types of pet birds.
  • A blog featuring interesting articles with facts, guides, and tips about pet birds and how to care for them.
  • A form to sign up for MyBird’s email list. With over 10,000 subscribers, MyBird’s email campaigns are packed with the latest industry news, bird care tips, exclusive offers from bird retailers and manufacturers, and much more.
  • A toolkit of free digital resources, including shareable social media graphics, designed to stimulate engagement around National Pet Bird Day. Established by BEAK, National Pet Bird Day (held on September 17 each year) serves as a way to celebrate the important role of pet birds in our lives, unite pet bird owners and lovers, educate the public on the responsible care of companion birds, and raise awareness of the joys and benefits of adding a bird to the home. The holiday also provides an excellent marketing opportunity for pet bird retailers to promote their products and services, with many running special offers and #NationalPetBirdDay social media and email campaigns.

Bird lovers will also find a community at MyBird’s Facebook page. With over 230,000 followers who are incredibly passionate and engaged, this is one of the largest pages dedicated exclusively to celebrating pet bird ownership. On Facebook and other social media channels, MyBird frequently shares pet bird tips and other content, leading followers to view the organization as an authentic and credible source.

As the exciting trend of increasing interest in pet bird ownership continues to grow, BEAK and MyBird offer valuable support and a sense of community for bird owners, while providing exclusive opportunities for pet bird retailers and manufacturers to connect with their target customers. To learn more, visit




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