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Natoo Earns Accreditation With the Pet Sustainability Coalition

The organization recognized the pet brand for its outstanding social and environmental impact initiatives.




(PRESS RELEASE) SÃO PAULO, BR — Natoo announced it has earned the title of “Pet Sustainability Accredited Business” under the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). PSC Accredited companies hold its businesses to higher environmental and social impact standards in the communities and environments where they do business. This Accreditation certifies that Natoo has completed an assessment of its business operations in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 of the United Nations Compact.

Founded in 2013, the PSC has over 10 years of experience in helping businesses minimize its environmental impacts and establishing a network of like-minded companies whose ongoing efforts lead the way towards a more sustainable pet industry. Within the program, accredited companies are acknowledged as sustainably-led and measured businesses that drive positive impact for pets, people and the planet, and are meeting consumer demand for actionable and transparent business practices.

“Since inception, Natoo’s efforts have been focused on having the most efficient energy consumption as possible and using sustainably sourced ingredients. We’re incredibly proud to be joining a community of outstanding sustainability leaders after earning accreditation status within the Pet Sustainability Coalition,” said Fernando Maluf, VP of International Sales. “This achievement marks another step forward in our sustainability journey and we’re delighted to have continued support from the PSC in helping us achieve our environmental impact goals.”

Natoo’s parent company, PremieRpet, has been a pioneer in the Brazilian pet industry with its product development and eco-friendly practices, having been the first company to produce super premium food in Brazil and adopt solar energy in all its plants. The brand’s facility is also the first petfood factory in Latin America to receive a Gold certification from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program for its sustainable practices.

For more information on the brand and its commitment to sustainable, environmental and conservation efforts, please visit here.

About PremieRpet

PremieRpet was the first company to produce super premium pet food in Brazil and pioneered the concept of indoor and breed-specific formulas. Natoo was developed for pet parents within the US market seeking a more natural diet for its dogs and cats. With DNA that’s rooted in innovation, they’re focused on delivering high-quality nutrition so that pets can live longer, happier lives. The products are prepared with the finest ingredients that are carefully selected and follow strict quality standards. Natoo practices sustainability daily in its production and supply chains. The brand is also focused on conscious consumption at all levels of activity and always prioritizes animal welfare. For more information, please visit




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