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Natural Paws Releases ‘Dry Clean Dog’ Spray Product




(PRESS RELEASE) PHOENIX, AZ – Natural Paws releases a new, innovative solution for getting dogs clean and refreshed, when a bath is not in the cards. Dry Clean Dog is the newest product to emerge from the Natural Paws brand, known for its effective and holistic topical products. This product, which is sprayed directly onto the dog, clings to dirt and oils, releasing them from hair or fur when agitated with a hand towel. As a result, dogs will be clean and refreshed until the next bath time.

“This product is so exciting because it can be used for times when a bath is needed, but not convenient; around the holidays, while camping or even on a road trip,” comments Elyse Horvath, founder and CEO of Natural Paws. “It’s also a great stress-free solution when bathing is not an option, after a surgical procedure or when dealing with the ongoing challenges such as incontinence in senior dogs.”

Dry Clean Dog is also a resource for people with allergies, giving pet parents the option to clean the allergens from their dogs’ coats more frequently than a bath would be practical. The product continues Natural Paws’ trend in combining effective herbal blends with essential oils to enhance and complement each other, bringing the products into a class of their own.

For more information about Dry Clean Dog, Natural Paws, or its line of one-of-a-kind products, visit or call 480-205-9959.    



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