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Natural Pet Food Group Launches K9 Natural Milk and Feline Natural Milk

The products are made using New Zealand milk from free-range, grass-fed cows.




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — They told us you couldn’t bottle love, but they hadn’t seen K9 Natural Milk and Feline Natural Milk for dogs and cats. Made using only the best New Zealand milk from free-range, grass-fed cows, the milks are lactose free, making it easy for your pet to digest.

A fantastic addition to your cat or dog’s diet, this milk is packed with goodness. Think of it as a daily supplement specially formulated for your pet with key benefits, including:

  • Taurine – aids in developing a healthy heart, eye health and strong immune system function.
  • Flaxseed oil/omega 3 – helps with the development of an itch free, shiny coat along with increased immunity.
  • Calcium – contributes to your pets’ growth, healthy bones and teeth, muscle building and a healthy nervous system.
  • Love – creates memorable feeding moments to cherish and bond with your pet over.

K9 Natural Milk and Feline Natural Milk is a delicious treat to give your pet a boost. The milks are highly palatable and the perfect addition to your pets daily feeding routine answering their hydration needs.

Created in New Zealand by premium, natural pet food specialists, The Natural Pet Food Group with milk supplied by New Zealand’s largest dairy producer, the milk has had the lactose removed by adding lactase, making it safe for your pet to drink. Now they can get all the benefits of New Zealand grass-fed, free-range cow’s milk without any of the digestive issues that human milk causes.

Also suitable for weaned puppies and kittens, K9 Natural Milk and Feline Natural Milk comes in a resealable bottle in two different sizes

  • USA: $4.99 for 10.1 fluid ounces / $9.99 for 33.8 fluid ounces
  • CANADA: $7.29 for 10.1 fluid ounces / $12.99 for 33.8 fluid ounces

The milk is long-life, so you can keep it on your shelves and just pop it in the fridge to be enjoyed within five days from opening.


Love your pet by giving them naturally better nutrition with K9 Natural Milk and Feline Natural Milk. Both are available in leading pet speciality stores nationwide.



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