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Nature’s Logic Appoints Vice President of Operations

She brings over two decades of operational leadership.




(PRESS RELEASE) LINCOLN, NE — Nature’s Logic , the pioneer creators of 100% natural food for dogs and cats with NO synthetic vitamins, has appointed industry leader Marilyn Sherwin vice president, operations. She brings over two decades of operational leadership, including top positions at Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Halo, Purely for Pets. She will report to newly-appointed CEO David Yaskulka.

“Marilyn is an extraordinary talent and exceptional individual. I’m thrilled to announce her as my first hire at Nature’s Logic. She will join founder and Chief Product Development Officer Scott Freeman, National Sales Manager Skylar Clifton and me on our management team, working to assure that 100% natural defines the future of pet food,” said Yaskulka.

Unlike most “natural” brands in the market, Nature’s Logic kibble, cans, raw food and treats are 100% natural, with NO synthetic vitamins and minerals. The nutrition comes from whole foods.

Sherwin spent most of her career at Colgate as global director of strategic purchasing for Hill’s Pet Nutrition. She led Hill’s Purchasing and Logistics in Europe. She was also VP Operations at Halo.

Nature’s Logic recently announced the brand will expand its mission, applying the logic of nature to care for pets and the planet. It will take a leadership role as a voice for sustainability in its retailers’ communities. That will leave the brand well positioned with millennials, the largest and fastest-growing segment of pet parents, for whom natural nutrition, animal welfare and sustainability are top concerns.




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At first it was just an idea: Animal supplements needed the same quality control that human-grade supplements receive. But that was enough to start a movement and an organization —the National Animal Supplement Council — that would be dedicated to establishing a comprehensive path forward for the animal supplements industry. In this Media Spotlight interview, NASC’s president, Bill Bookout, talks to PETS+ interviewer Chloe DiVita about the industry today: Where it’s headed, what’s the latest focus and why it’s vital to gain the involvement of independent pet product retailers.

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