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NaturPak Introduces First 3-Ounce Tetra Recart Package to North America

The package solution will better suit small dogs and cats.




(PRESS RELEASE) JANESVILLE, WI — Building off the popularity of its existing line as well as partnership with world class brands, NaturPak announces a new Tetra Recart package solution for small dogs and cats: the three-ounce carton.

“NaturPak has given pet food a new home. From ingredients to processing and packaging, we are ready to get your product into the hands of discerning pet owners and into the mouths of hungry pets,” says NaturPak CEO Aaron Jackson.

NaturPak’s full suite of research and development, and co-manufacturing capabilities have long been the smartest choice for premium pet food brands. Now it is the only choice in North America for three delicious ounces of optimal taste and texture in a retortable Tetra Recart package. Despite its size, the three-ounce carton still allows for all of the benefits of larger Tetra Pak containers, including a stronger billboard effect and more robust brand presence on-shelf, lower shipping costs, and more reliability in transport. In every way, Tetra Recart by NaturPak is a better, more ecofriendly alternative to cans and jars.

NaturPak’s three-ounce carton also fills the niche created by the increased demand for premium pet food and the demand for the premiumization of packaging. As Mike Jewett, NaturPak’s VP of sales indicates, “with our unique three-ounce carton, pet food brands now have the ability to transform their business with packaging that aligns with their mission, goes hand-in-hand with their ethos, and meets consumer expectations.”

Additionally, the three-ounce NaturPak carton represents a significant environmental and economic opportunity as pet food makers consider high impact and achievable sustainable packaging efforts. Over 70 percent of the carton’s material is obtained from a renewable resource and it is 100 percent FSC-certified. Also, carbon emissions over the lifetime of the carton are 81 percent lower than more traditional packaging.

“Pet brands play a critical role in ensuring ecologically-sound packaging is part of a joint effort to improve the environment,” says Jackson, “and the low carbon footprint paired with high efficiency, make Tetra Recart packaging the best choice for both brands and consumers.”

About NaturPak

NaturPak provides natural, nutrient-rich pet food products and services to pet food brand owners. They offer fiber-based packaging technology exclusively for shelf-stable pet foods, as a replacement to cans, pouches or jars, and excel in providing BPA-free, sustainable solutions to the wet pet food industry. Please visit for more information.



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