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New Tiki Cat Grill Pate Wet Cat Food Features Real Fish & Seafood Recipes in Broth

Tiki Cat Grill Pate is available in a 12-pack variety pack containing all 6 varieties.





(PRESS RELEASE) ST. LOUIS — Tiki Cat is offering a new range of canned wet cat food that combines the delicious taste of real seafood with a soft pate texture that kitties love. Tiki Cat Grill Pate Canned Wet Food is made with high-quality tuna, prawns, lobster and other fish in a hydrating broth, providing both the healthy animal protein and supplemental moisture that carnivore felines require from its diets.

Tiki Cat Grill Pate is available in six mouthwatering recipes: Tuna with Prawn, Sardines, Tuna with Crab Surimi, Mackerel with Sardines, Sardine with Lobster, and Tuna with Crab. All recipes contain over 66% protein, with no grains, glutens or GMO ingredients. Only dolphin-safe tuna is used.

“Like all Tiki Cat foods, our new Tiki Cat Grill Pate was developed to nutritionally replicate a cat’s natural diet as closely as possible,” said Ann Hudson, vice president of Marketing for Tiki Pets. “Cats, in nature, are obligate carnivores who must derive all of their essential nutrients, as well as their hydration, from their animal prey, which typically consists of 60% or more water. Tiki Cat Grill Pate’s high content of healthy animal protein — with no corn, wheat, soy or dairy — and large amount of supplemental moisture provide cats with a carnivorous diet that meets their total needs.”

In addition to nutrition, Tiki Cat Grill Pate was developed to tempt even the finickiest eaters with its scrumptious real seafood recipes and smooth pate texture. Along with taste, cats are drawn to a particular food on the basis of its “mouth-feel” – how easily they can pick it up and how it feels in their mouth. A study on feline food preferences published in Vet Times rated mouth-feel as one of three key determinants of a cat’s meal choice (along with smell and taste). “Pate-style diets are becoming more popular because the texture is highly palatable to cats,” noted Hudson.

Tiki Cat Grill Pate is available in 12-packs of 2.8-oz. cans in individual varieties:

  • Tuna with Prawn – $15.48 MSRP (12-pack)
  • Sardines – $15.48 MSRP (12-pack)
  • Tuna with Crab Surimi – $15.48 MSRP (12-pack)
  • Mackerel with Sardines – $15.48 MSRP (12-pack)
  • Sardine with Lobster – $15.48 MSRP (12-pack)
  • Tuna with Crab – $15.48 MSRP (12-pack)

Tiki Cat Grill Pate is also available in a 12-pack Variety Pack containing all 6 varieties at $15.48 MSRP (12-pack).
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