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NEW! Value Size Feline Functional Supplements from InClover




(PRESS RELEASE) BOULDER, CO – InClover introduces the new 10.5 oz. bags of Feline Functionals. The proven formulas will remain unchanged for all four supplements: Flow, Sleek, Smile, and Spry. The new value size was driven by vast consumer research and valuable retailer input. We found that consumers purchasing the 2.1 oz. bag of Feline Functionals often bought them in sets of three which is part of our motivation for creating a 10.5 oz. bag.

FLOW is a daily urinary tract support supplement for cats. This soft chew is made from an effective formula of the prebiotic organic inulin and promotes a healthy pH, bacterial balance and kidney health.

SLEEK is a daily supplement that supports cats for a healthy skin and coat. This soft chew supplies your cat with clinical levels of naturally nourishing ingredients that work from the inside out for healthy skin and radiant coat. SLEEK is great for increasing skin hydration, encouraging hair follicle repair, managing shedding, and controlling hairballs.

SMILE is a dental chew that can be taken daily by your cat. This supplement works from the inside out to promote optimal dental health. SMILE improves oral freshness along with the overall health of the teeth and gums.

SPRY is a respiratory health supplement for your cat. This soft chew is scientifically formulated with clinical levels of active ingredients. Taken daily, this supplement supports eye and respiratory health while strengthening the body’s defenses.

All Feline Functionals are scientifically formulated and made from natural ingredients. This new 10.5 oz. bag provides a significant value to consumers. 


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