It's grown 30% since last year.

Americans shelled out close to $800 million on pet products on in the second quarter of this year, according to new data from One Click Retail.

That number represents an increase of 30 percent of versus the same period a year prior, writes Mike Corry, One Click Retail's director of North America sales.

Corry explains that on Amazon, pet food accounts for close to 50 percent of all pet product sales. That's a lower share than in the market at large, where pet food makes up two-thirds of all pet product sales.

Thirty-pound bags of dry dog food "remain the biggest hit among Amazon’s pet products, Corry writes.

"Pet owners were early adopters of ecommerce, primarily influenced by the inconvenience of having to lug big bags of food around," he says.

Earlier this year, Amazon has launched its own pet product brand called Wag. The first product made available was dry dog food.

In general terms, Corry says, the fact that Americans see their pets more and more as family members has been a boon the pet products category. The trend "not only causes us to spend more on food, supplies and health care, but also encourages us to invest more in better quality products and more nutritious food," he says.

Citing the American Pet Products Association, he notes that the U.S. pet products market has grown 50 percent over the past five years to about $70 billion.

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