Eventually, everyone had a good laugh.

Elvis, a 13-year-old black lab in Owensboro, KY, somehow managed to crash his owner's truck in the parking lot of a Meijer grocery store.

But the lucky dog managed not to get a ticket, the Owensboro Times reports. Neither did his owner, Paul Shearn. The two were able to carry on with their Labor Day plans, which involved fishing and camping.

Shearn had stopped at Meijer to buy hamburgers. He parked his vehicle well away from other cars and left it running with the air conditioner on.

As he got out, Shearn told the dog, "Elvis, don’t go acting a fool and get people calling the cops on us."

But that's not what fate had in store for them.

Elvis knocked the truck into drive. Shearn believes the dog lunged for a closed container of bacon grease that was on the dashboard. (Shearn was planning to season a cast-iron skillet.)

The truck rolled into the car of Meijer employee David Adams, damaging it slightly.

Eventually everyone, including the responding police officer, had a laugh.

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