'Search dogs and witness development' are his key tools.

Jim Berns, who's part of a company called Pet Search and Rescue, has completed his 500th pet search, WLWT reports.

The pet detective worked the case in Milford, OH. His searches span Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, and at times have taken him as far New York and Alabama.

Pet Search and Rescue, which was founded in 2005 by Berns's daughter in 2005, relies mainly on "search dogs and witness development" to locate pets, according to WLWT.

"Pounding the pavement, working the search dogs and just getting out there helps find many lost pets," Berns was quoted saying.

The search team consists of rescued and unwanted pets.

On its Facebook page, Pet Search and Rescue wrote of Berns: "A true hero, he has helped countless people know they have done everything possible in the search for their Lost Pet and he's helped most get their pets back safe!"

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