(Press Release) SADDLEBROOK, NJ – Earlier this year, SmartBones, best known for its no-rawhide dog chews, launched a new product: SmartBones Holistic Grain Free Chews. These no-rawhide, grain-free dog chews are offered in multiple sizes and are made with real chicken and wholesome ingredients.

Chewing is an essential activity for dogs. It helps keep them happy and healthy by cleaning teeth, strengthening their jaws and preventing boredom and destructive behavior. Pet parents should ensure that they satisfy their dog's natural chewing instinct in a healthy and satisfying way.

The SmartBones Holistic Chews are offered in both bone and stick shape. The bones are available in four sizes: Mini 2.5” (5-10 pounds = 50 calories), Small 5” (11-25 pounds = 161 calories), Medium 5.5” (26-50 pounds = 243 calories), and Large 7” (over 50 pounds = 337 calories). The sticks measure 5” long.

In addition to being rawhide- and grain-free, SmartBones Holistic Chews are gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, contain no chicken-by-products and are low fat. In addition, just like all SmartBones chews, they are highly digestible.

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