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NJ Bill Would Make It Illegal to Declaw Cats




It’s a contentious proposal.

A proposed law in New Jersey would make it illegal to declaw a cat, and the debate has become highly contentious.

The bill was introduced by Assemblyman Troy Singleton, NPR reported.

He said: “I personally think declawing is a pretty barbaric practice. It’s more of a matter of convenience, as opposed to anything dealing with the physical well-being of the animal.”

The proposed law would still allow declawing when the cat’s health is at stake.


Veterinarian Jose Pla was quoted saying that declawing can be appropriate “to help certain cats be able to enjoy a loving relationship with their owners.”

NPR reported that veterinarians are “sharply divided” on the proposed law.

The bill has passed the New Jersey Assembly. To become law, it would now need to be approved by the New Jersey Senate, after which it would head to the governor’s office.

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