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Northwest Naturals Fact Sheet

Portland, OR




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IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Northwest Natural’s new and highly palatable Beef & Trout recipe is now available for both dogs and cats in raw frozen and freeze-dried diets. Made from locally sourced, USDA free-range, grass-fed beef and sustainably sourced rainbow trout from the Columbia River, it’s a combination that pets can’t refuse!

WHAT MAKES THIS PRODUCT SPECIAL? Northwest Naturals has a large variety of raw frozen and freeze-dried diets that are also a great value. All products are made in a family-owned USDA facility. Northwest Naturals is an accredited ICON member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition and supports independent pet products retailers: The brand is not sold at Petco, PetSmart or

WHAT THEY’RE KNOWN FOR: Northwest Naturals makes its own food, therefore making quality products in a large variety at a great price. From beginning to end, Northwest Naturals knows what is in the bag!

RETAILER REVIEW: “Northwest Naturals raw frozen and freeze-dried foods are the go-to product for customers who want to switch their pets to a raw diet. Their products are available in a variety of sizes and they’re a great value. Their frozen Veggie & Fruit Nuggets are also a favorite for adding extra nutrients or as a treat.” — Jenny Flanagan, Nature’s Pet Market, Sherwood, OR


1. Raw frozen and freeze-dried Beef & Trout Recipe for dogs and cats.

MSRPS: $23.99 (12oz Freeze-Dried Nuggets) – $89.99 (15lb Frozen Nuggets)

2. Frozen raw bulk bars come in all 9 recipes for dogs: Beef, Beef & Trout, Bison
& Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Chicken & Salmon, Trout, Turkey, Whitefish & Salmon.

MSRPS: $139.99 (25lb Trout or Beef & Trout) – $200.99 (25lb Bison)

3. New 28oz freeze-dried value bag available in Beef, Chicken and Turkey. Additional recipes coming soon.

MSRP: $49.99 (25lb bag)

Download the Fact Sheet here.


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