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NPIC to Unveil, Get Naked Premium at Global Pet Expo

Eight new products offer the next level of nutrition in the functional treat category by addressing overall care and well-being.




(PRESS RELEASE) PLANO, TX – NPIC, a Plano-based manufacturer of premium pet treats, announced it will be launching several new products and new flavors for current favorites this Spring at Global Pet Expo (March 21-23, 2019) in Orlando, FL.

Brand Extension – New Products

Enhancing its existing brand of functional pet treats, Get Naked, NPIC introduces a brand expansion of elevated, multifunctional treats to attract the more discerning, care-conscious consumer. The new Get Naked Premium offers a care series of dog treats specially formulated to support a primary or specific health purpose, while addressing overall care and well-being with distinctive, multi-benefit ingredients.

On-brand with the original Get Naked promise of using wholesome ingredients, without adding artificial preservatives, Get Naked Premium multifunctional treats differentiate by providing notable value-add including:

  • Improved recipes with new, natural ingredients that align with human food and wellness trends;
  • Increased functionality with higher nutritional values derived from fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals;
  • Enhanced, injection-mold design resulting in a more appealing bone-shaped, break-apart treat;
  • Improved palatability with complimentary, layered flavors.

The Get Naked Premium care series consists of eight recipes including:

  • Antioxidant Care (Blueberry & Chicken flavor) to help boost immunity and fight free radicals with antioxidant-rich fruits.
  • Calming Care (Maple & Chicken flavor) to support a positive emotional state and balanced behavior with soothing herbs to help address hyperactivity and cope with stress or anxiety.
  • Digestive Care (Pineapple & Chicken Flavor) to promote a healthy digestive system and allow for better absorption of nutrients with good digestive enzymes, probiotics and several dietary fibers.
  • Fitness Care (Pumpkin & Chicken Flavor) to support balance and dietary needs for healthy weight management and fitness levels with ingredients high in dietary fibers, omega fatty acids and amino acids.
  • Joint Care (Salmon & Chicken flavor) to promote flexibility, mobility, and reduce arthritic symptoms with anti-inflammatory rich foods, strength-fortifying ingredients like and omega fatty acids.
  • Puppy Care (Apple & Chicken flavor) to support the growth of strong bones, brain development, and healthy skin and coat with nutrient-dense foods and fortified with vitamins and minerals.
  • Senior Care (Salmon & Chicken flavor) to support senior dogs’ health and specific dietary needs to fight degeneration as aging occurs with multi-benefit antioxidants, amino acids, omega fatty acids, and fortified with vitamins and minerals.
  • Skin & Coat Care (Coconut & Chicken flavor) to help hydrate skin and promote a lustrous coat with nutrient-dense food and fortified with omega fatty acids.

Beyond their specific functional ingredients, all care recipes are formulated grain-free, non-GMO, without artificial colors and enhanced with DHA and probiotics. Get Naked Premium is manufactured in the USA (Plano, TX) with globally-sourced ingredients and packaging features such as clean labeling and guaranteed analysis of ingredients to support functional claims.


Product Extension – New Flavors

NPIC treat favorites are now available in new flavors.

  • N-Bone Barbeque – the original long-lasting, highly-digestible chew without plastic, nylon, rubber, or rawhide, and helps remove plaque and tartar.
  • Quado – Bacon and BBQ – is an interactive chew treat with a unique-shape to keep dogs occupied longer and freshens breath with five natural ingredients.
  • Puppy Teething Ring – Blueberry & BBQ – is a pliable ring-shaped treat designed specifically to help alleviate teething pain and soreness, provide a safe outlet for chewing, while supporting developmental and dental health for puppies.

“Our priority is producing premium, nutritious treats so we’ve invested much time and great care to develop, and thoughtfully refine, each recipe” says NPIC vice president of Sales, William Cho. “Get Naked Premium treats are high-quality, beneficial, multifunctional and we are looking forward to finally launching at Global Pet Expo. We think the expo provides the perfect chance to visit with our customers and unveil the new product with samples and get everyone excited to bring this to market.” Visit NPIC at Global Pet Expo – booth #851 to learn more about Get Naked Premium and other NPIC branded-products.



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