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Nulo & Spartan Team up to Bring Proper Nutrition to the Dogs

This makes Nulo the official pet food of Spartan North America.




(PRESS RELEASE) Nulo Pet Food, a leader in pet nutrition and innovation, announced a partnership with Spartan, making Nulo the official pet food of Spartan North America and a sponsor of a new event bringing Obstacle Course Racing to dogs. Often described as a true test of willpower, Spartan is known to push racers to exciting limits with obstacles that challenge participant’s physical and mental strength.

For human and animal athletes alike, focusing on proper nutrition is essential to completing events such as Spartan races. Nulo’s food for dogs is formulated with input from some of the nation’s top thought leaders in animal nutrition — including food scientists, veterinarians, and nutritionists. Its dog and cat foods are packed with animal-based proteins, are low in carbs and infused with functional ingredients such as a patented probiotic used in the natural human food industry — all to promote a healthy body condition and stable energy.

Spartan Founder and CEO Joe De Sena says, “Our pets are more than just our friends, they are part of the family and to perform at the highest level, they should eat healthy as we do. Just like Spartan does for humans, Nulo cares about creating healthy active lifestyles for animals and pays close attention to the quality of their products — and that’s just what our pets deserve — the very best.”

As a company focused on solid nutritional principles for dogs and cats it’s important to Nulo that the quality of its ingredients and food platforms never be compromised. This principle extends to all elements of Nulo’s business decisions, including sponsorships with companies like Spartan, a partnership that will help educate and inspire pet parents to live Healthier Together with their best friends.

“I know that athletes understand the connection between fitness and nutrition for themselves, and they understand it as it relates to their pets as well,” says Michael Landa, founder of Nulo. “They know that the food they put in their pet’s bowl is going to translate into their pet feeling better and performing better during events like Spartan Race, and on a day-to-day basis as well.”

“What your pets eat fuels them,” Landa says. “And it’s up to us to choose the right nutrition that keeps them performing and feeling their very best, each and every day.”


Nulu and Spartan will announce a special Spartan Canine race that will take place this fall.,



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