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Tall Tails® makes it easy to sell, merchandise and profit from one of the industry’s widest assortments of dog toys.

PET PARENTS buy toys for so many different reasons: They can soothe a cranky puppy; exercise a lazy senior; celebrate a beloved pup’s birthday (or any other holiday); or perhaps most importantly — “just because.”

No dog can have too many toys! Tall Tails is a true “one stop toy shop” for every type of play style..

On the business side, toys are a great impulse purchase and market basket builder. But as most pet store owners can attest, toys can take up a lot of time when it comes to inventory management, merchandising and yes, even selling them. That’s why Tall Tails®, the company known for its baby soft pet blankets, beds and toys, has organized an easy way for stores to keep fresh and exciting merchandise in stock, weed out slow movers and organize toys with displays and informative packaging that are sure to maximize profitability. And, unlike other vendors, Tall Tails has it all, from plush to leather, braided tug toys and more.


Dogs and their play styles vary, and different breeds have varied needs. Tall Tails is a true one-stop shop, with fun, durable toys for Tug, Fetch, Sensory and Reward play. What’s more, the company’s designs are always evolving, so pet parents have something to pique their interest on a regular basis. And retailers appreciate how easy it is to keep product in stock and ready to sell. Ari Jacobson, of Pet Pantry Warehouse, says he’s been loyal to Tall Tails for many years and highly recommends the company’s offerings to other retailers. “We love the different assortment of toys that Tall Tails offers,” he says. “From natural leather to soft plush and even rubber, Tall Tails toys are fun, safe and rugged.”


One of the challenges for stores has been organizing toys so they’re easy to sell and pet parents can easily discern each toy’s benefits. Tall Tails’ hang tags and tabs are all designed to give useful information on play style, and the company’s new Brand Block Program offers discounts, samples and exclusive “sneak peeks” so toy sales are easier than ever. Tall Tails will even work with a pet retailer to curate a 2’ or 4’ block to fulfill their store’s unique needs, with access to merchandising assistance to keep inventory fresh and hot products in stock and ready to sell.


In an age of competition, it’s nice to know that Tall Tails focuses on the independent pet retailers. A sales rep at Packer Mellem points out that Tall Tails toys are a great choice because they cover what matters to every level. “Dogs of all play styles love to play with them, pet parents love the durability and look, retailers love the baby-safe quality plus Tall Tails focuses on independent brick-and-mortar stores, so it just works.” And retailers appreciate the company’s toys for their quality, variety and value. “Tall Tails has been a huge success at PetPeople due to their amazing assortment,” says Sevy Maurer, a buyer for PetPeople. “Plush is always a huge win but for those aggressive soft toy destroyers, leather and rope toys really hold up and look just as whimsical as plush,” he says. “The addition of Tall Tail rubber toys has resonated well with our customers and holiday giftable items has made this assortment a key focal point for November and December this year!”

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