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Online Retailer Launches Pet Brand With 500 Products




It’s called Archie & Oscar.

Online home goods retailer Wayfair Inc. has launched Archie & Oscar, an exclusive line of furniture and household accessories for pets.

The collection includes more than 500 items “ranging from aquariums and gerbil cages, to food and toy storage containers, to outdoor chaise lounges and murphy beds thoughtfully designed for dogs and cats,” according to a press release. It is available now from Wayfair in the U.S. and Canada.

“For many Wayfaircustomers, pets play an integral role in the notion of home and family, often spending just as much time on the furniture as their owners,” said Steve Oblak, chief merchandising officer, Wayfair. “We’re excited for this new offering of affordable and fun solutions that make the home more pet-friendly. With Archie & Oscar, Wayfair customers will find everything they need to create a comfortable home that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.”


To develop the line, Boston-based Wayfair “consulted pet experts to curate a collection that provides shoppers with a variety of products and styles that can easily match their existing decor,” according to the release.

To celebrate the launch of Archie & Oscar, members of the Wayfair Pet Squad, a network of animal stars, have provided their “paw-of-approval” on their favorites finds from the line.



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