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OPIE & DIXIE Launches New Products and a Revamped Website with Updated Features




(PRESS RELEASE) SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Specializing in natural, USDA Certified Organic grooming aids, healing balms, and non-dietary care solutions designed for pets and tested by humans, OPIE & DIXIE, LLC introduces a new product formula and updated company website in early 2018. Their latest product, COCONUT SNOUTSTIK, joins a high-quality lineup of certified organic and cruelty-free products reflecting OPIE & DIXIE’s commitment to holistic pet care. Consistent with their past products, this new Snoutstik formula features a clear ingredients panel and carries the cruelty-free Leaping Bunny seal of approval.

In addition to the new Snoutstik, OPIE & DIXIE has revamped its website at to reflect the same clean and holistic aesthetic as the company’s packaging, allowing visitors to easily find information about and purchase all OPIE & DIXIE products in the blink of an eye. The website features clickable lists to provide customers with ingredient specifics, including the benefits of each and why it was chosen for a given product. For example, Coconut oil is a wholesome, edible oil that has been a staple for millions of people for centuries, and is also one of the most remarkable treatments for dry, cracked skin. It contains naturally antibacterial and antifungal properties, has a long shelf-life, and only a small amount is needed to create a protective, long-lasting barrier for skin – even in the most intense sun.

“Our brand has a really authentic home-grown quality,” says Debbie Guardian, president and founder of OPIE & DIXIE. “It’s as far removed from mass market as you can imagine. We have a higher-end look and feel that is a good fit for our premium, cruelty-free products, all of which contain certified organic ingredients and no sulfates, parabens, synthetics, or chemicals. What we’re trying to convey is a more apothecary, holistic-healing feel.”

As a child growing up in various countries throughout Latin America and the Far East, Debbie’s family always included many interesting pets – cats, dogs, parakeets, fish, turtles, a white mouse, and at one point a parrot. Her lifelong compassion for animals and natural curiosity led Debbie to discover that she has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a redoubtable business acumen.

Always health conscious, Debbie was not only concerned about her own well-being, but also that of her pets. Debbie decided to cook for them rather than feed them commercial food, drawing on a variety of books and recipes developed by veterinary nutritionists. When Opal developed a skin condition that caused constant scratching and loss of fur, Debbie spent hours researching natural, medication-free remedies that would ease her beloved pet’s discomfort. She came up with a nutritional supplement based on flaxseed, which contains essential fatty acids that, among other benefits, fights inflammation, treats skin disorders and irritations, and promotes healthy fur and claws on pets – or hair and nails in humans.

The formula healed Opal’s skin condition and stopped her incessant scratching. Debbie mentioned this supplement to friends who showed interest in it for their own pets, and she discovered that she had unwittingly taken her first steps toward business success. Wanting to spread the word about the importance of good nutrition in the lives of pets, she decided to find a manufacturer to mix and package her formula, which she trademarked and called Flax Fur Pets.


This supplement became the first product to carry the OPIE & DIXIE name, and although it is no longer on the market, to this day she continues to mix it for her own pets. Debbie has now opted to focus OPIE & DIXIE’s product line on natural, organic grooming aids, healing balms and non-dietary care solutions designed for pets and tested by humans. Although created for uncomfortably dry snouts, Debbie has no qualms about using Snoutstik as her own lip balm, and recommending Healing Paw Balm to any human friends who happen to be runners or have dry, chapped skin.

Debbie dismisses the notion that old dogs and humans who are set in their ways can’t be taught new tricks, and is adding a certification as a dog trainer to her self-taught knowledge of natural products and business acumen. She misses Opie, who recently left earthly fire hydrants and dog parks for off-leash romps amid the clouds, but she still has Dixie, Nu, and husband Alex for inspiration and to share her love, ideas, and new products with. 

Be on the lookout for various product demos and events featuring OPIE & DIXIE pet products in the Bay Area, Southern California, and the New York Tri-State Area in the Spring of 2018.

For more information and to check out the new website design please visit




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