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Owner Sued for Not Letting Cat Sleep in Bed

The previous owner is claiming breach of contract.




A new cat owner is being sued for not letting the feline sleep in her bed at night.

Danette Romano faces a lawsuit from the cat’s owner, Carol Money, who gave up her pet after becoming ill with breast cancer, the New York Post reports.

Money, 73, claims in a court filing that Romano “knew that she would not let Lacie sleep with her at night and purposefully withheld this information from [Money] in order to induce Plaintiff into letting her adopt Lacie.” She is suing Romano in New York’s Onondaga Supreme Court.

Money claims she told Romano, who adopted the cat in spring 2018, that “Lacie’s distress at night from not sleeping with her was the only reason she would consider letting someone adopt Lacie.”

She’s claiming breach of contract and asking for unspecified damages.

The Post reports that Money is “seeking [Lacie’s] safe return.”


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