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Oxyfresh Launching Cage Cleaner and New POP Display at Global

The company will be at booth 5970.




(PRESS RELEASE) Oxyfresh will be exhibiting and showcasing its full line of premium pet dental health and grooming products at Global Pet Expo. The Oxyfresh booth 5970 will be launching its new point-of-purchase display featuring products from its dental line, as well as its new non-toxic Cage Cleaner.

Oxyfresh does not use harsh chemicals or additives that can be harmful to pets. Its groundbreaking, proprietary ingredient Oxygene is what sets the company’s products apart. It is unique because it gently and safely neutralizes the bacteria that causes pet bad breath and periodontal disease, helping pets live longer, happier lives.

The Oxyfresh booth will showcase some of its most popular and beneficial innovations. These include: Pet Dental Water Additive, Pet Ear Cleaner, Pet Shampoo, Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste, Pet Dental Breath Spray and Pet Deodorizer, to name a few. The recently launched Pet Dental Kit will also be displayed, which includes everything needed to help pets achieve a healthy mouth and fresh breath.

“Our Pet Dental line has had tremendous success over the years, which is why we are very excited to offer our new point-of-purchase display highlighting some of our most popular dental products at Global Pet Expo,” says Mariano Tellarini, president of Oxyfresh. “This new eye-catching, high-resolution POP display will help us to continue establishing brand awareness, increase revenue, and promote our innovative pet dental care creations.”

In addition, Oxyfresh is excited to officially launch its new Cage Cleaner at this year’s show. The Cage Cleaner is ideal for cleaning kennels and cages for small animals (birds, gerbils, mice, etc.) Like all products at Oxyfresh, Cage Cleaner is made in the USA, cruelty-free, non-toxic, safe, gentle, effective and won’t disrupt immune system.




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