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Oxyfresh Partners with Global Supplier

This collaboration will help company expand brand reach of its pet dental products.




(PRESS RELEASE) Oxyfresh, a provider of safe, environmentally friendly products for people and pets, announced a partnership with iM3, a veterinary dental company. This collaboration will help Oxyfresh expand brand reach of its line of gentle, alcohol-free pet dental products in the veterinary industry.

“We are incredibly excited with this new partnership with iM3. We are bringing two trusted companies together to uniquely solve pet dental health issues in innovative ways,” explained Mariano Tellarini, president of Oxyfresh.

iM3 — a family-owned veterinary dental company established in Sydney, Australia, over 28 years ago — has grown to become a leading veterinary dental company in product innovation, industry firsts and continuing education. From its three locations in Australia, Ireland and Vancouver, WA, iM3 supplies veterinarians throughout the world with dental products.

“Oxyfresh perfectly aligns with iM3 and their singular focus on pet dental health,” said Pete Vas Dias, vice president of sales for Oxyfresh.

Oxyfresh is paving the way for safe pet care solutions. They are highly regarded by veterinarians because they don’t use harsh chemicals or additives that can be harmful to pets. Its proprietary ingredient, Oxygene, is what sets the products apart. It is unique because it gently and safely neutralizes the bacteria that cause pet bad breath and periodontal disease, helping pets live longer, happier lives.

“IM3 is elated to become a key distributor of Oxyfresh dental products for the veterinary profession,” said Lehman Bloom, managing director of iM3.


“After trialing Oxyfresh, it became apparent that their unique ingredient, Oxygene, would provide outstanding results for animals in the prevention of periodontal disease. The fact that Oxyfresh cleans teeth, soothes gums, freshens breath, and reduces plaque and tartar without the use of potentially harmful ingredients is a game changer for pets and their owners,” expressed Lehman Bloom. “We look forward to working closely with Oxyfresh in the veterinary market.”

For more information about Oxyfresh and its growing family of safe, gentle, non-toxic products for pets, please visit



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