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Packaging That Stands Up on a Shelf, Plus More of What Retailers Want in the Toppers Product Category

Retailers share which products and support existed in the pet toppers category.




  • A broth spray to lightly coat kibble is a great idea. — Ben H., Jeannette, PA
  • Shelf-talkers and/or freezer-door stickers with quick blurbs about the benefits. — Heather L., Staunton, VA
  • A better variety of broths in different proteins, like rabbit, more duck, kangaroo, etc. — Diedra G., McHenry, IL
  • A concentrate similar to those for cooking, so you simply add water. They’d take up less shelf space and reduce packaging. We’ve had some powdered options, but they don’t always dissolve well. — Joanna S., Mountain Home, AR
  • We love products that can be used by both dogs and cats! — Barb M., Ames, IA
  • Swag for my employees. It’s amazing what a T-shirt can do. — Errin J., St. Helens, OR
  • Recipes for turning broths into summer treats. Pre-printed recipe cards might help customers visualize it better. — Kat F., Oklahoma City, OK
  • Single-serve options for frozen broth. Maybe a bag with frozen cubes? — Crisi F., Victoria, TX
  • Social media support! — Alexandria B., Monticello, IL
  • Fish broths are hard to find. — Alison S., Greensboro, NC
  • Functional toppers for cats! — Susannna F., Freedom, CA
  • A transition broth or powder that lasts the recommended week between an old and new food. People are wary of transitioning due to tummy issues, and if there was a product they could buy just for that week, I could sell it! — Sarah T., Frisco, CO
  • A discount on bone broth if the customer buys the brand’s kibble. — Cassie N., Whiteford, MD
  • Better packaging. If it ., orris, All For The Pet, Severna Park, MD
  • People ask for “gravy” to pour on kibble. Typically these are the customers we get onto broth. Something with “gravy” in the name. — Lori W., Oklahoma City, OK
  • More fermented products and kefir. — Kelly H., Grand Forks, ND
  • Samples! People are afraid to try broth or toppers because their dog is picky, but that’s exactly why they need one! — Diane M., Mechanicsburg, PA

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