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Paris Hilton Shares Photos of Her Dogs’ Incredible Mansion — Take a Look

‘Where do I apply to be a dog?’




Paris Hilton recently gave her 15.9 million Twitter followers a look at her dogs’ home — and it’s extravagant!

She posted a set of three pics and wrote: “My dogs live in this two-story doggy mansion that has air conditioning, heating, designer furniture, and a chandelier. Loves it.”

The tweet generated quite a response. So far it’s garnered more than 20,000 likes along with 7,600 retweets and 714 comments.

Some users expressed their amazement with messages such as, “Where do I apply to be a dog?”

But many others thought the doghouse was too lavish. One wrote: “Wow. This just reinforces that rich ppl have nothing better to do with their $$. Why not donate to a shelter for the homeless instead?”

The New York Daily News wrote that in 2016, Hilton “revealed she had seven dogs, among a number of other pets like ferrets, flying squirrels and a pig.”


As a pet-business owner, you probably won’t be selling many doghouses this fancy. (OK, none whatsoever.)

But the tweet and its response show how important it’s become in our culture to pamper our pets, with celebrities taking the trend to an extreme. Many pet owners, particularly millennials, are more than ready to give their pets a taste of luxury on a smaller scale.

After all, pet-industry spending for 2016 totaled $66.75 billion, up from $60.28 billion in 2015, according to the American Pet Products Association.

“Now that millennials have officially taken the reins as primary demographic of pet owners, they stand to further develop the humanization of pets trend,” Bob Vetere, CEO of the APPA, recently said. “We’ve been anxious to see how this new group of pet owners will affect the industry, and now that they’re here and the industry spending is higher than ever, it’s a promising sign that our country’s pets are in good hands.”

So yes, Hilton’s dogs are living the good life. But so are lots of other pets nationwide, and their enthusiastic owners represent a huge business opportunity.

Take a look at the ultra-luxurious home of Paris Hilton’s dogs:




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