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Pawscout Launches Internet-Connected Pet Tag




(Press Release) MILL VALLEY, CA – After over 200 years of engraved metal pet tags, modern technology is finally breathing new life into the pet tag category. Pawscout is launching an Internet-connected pet tag that will permanently change the pet tag as we know it.

Pawscout, The Smarter Pet Tag, has undergone several years of research and development under the watch of a veteran technology team from Silicon Valley. After an extensive pilot program with over 50,000 users, Pawscout is emerging from stealth mode to share its plans publicly with the trade. Beginning next month, Pawscout will start rolling out at thousands of retail stores across the U.S. and Canada.

Pawscout introduces previously inconceivable features and benefits, harnessing the power of smartphones and the Internet of Things to offer a compelling and affordable alternative to traditional pet tags. The Pawscout Tag will enable pet-parents to create safer pet communities by sharing their pets with family, friends and neighbors via the Pawscout App (available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store). In addition, Pawscout users will be able to use the Pawscout App to locate their pet(s) with the help of a live map and the Pawscout community in real-time, to set a virtual leash to see if a pet strays, to track dog walks, and to view thousands of pet-friendly places on their smartphones. Pawscout users may optionally choose to personalize their Pawscouts with stylish, engraved nameplates for a small additional fee.

“We created and piloted our solutions with thousands of users over two years, and received excellent feedback that we integrated into a next-generation tag, app and website,” said Aaron Lamstein of Pawscout Inc. “We believe that the convergence of our research, technology, and design will revolutionize the pet tag industry.”

Several companies have entered the electronic pet space with GPS monitors and activity trackers that have failed to garner mass appeal because of high retail prices, recurring fees, size, and battery life. Pawscout leapfrogs those technologies by launching a $19.99 product with no monthly fees that fits comfortably on most dogs and cats, and leverages a standard inexpensive watch battery that only needs to be replaced every six months.


Pawscout was founded by a combination of tech business and pet industry heavyweights – an unusual combination that has the potential to propel this new category into tens of thousands of retail stores and into the hands of tens of millions of dog and cat parents worldwide.

Pawscout has teamed up with Worldwise Inc., one of the leading pet products manufacturers and marketers, to offer the product to retailers worldwide. “We are very excited about this launch with Pawscout,” said Kevin Fick, CEO of Worldwise. “Based on our initial response from customers, we expect this will be a game changer for our retailers.”

To support retailers’ successful introduction of the tag, Worldwise is offering several retailer-friendly POP options, including cards that hang, PDQ trays, sidekicks, and free-standing displays, in both English and Canadian-French.

Both the free Pawscout App on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and Pawscout’s new website ( went live on Tuesday, July 25, 2017.

“Pet tags will never be the same,” Lamstein said. “And that’s a good thing.”PETS Pawscout Pug Wearing Pawscout Looking Out Window




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