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Pet Food Experts Donates Food to Puerto Rico




The firm sent 40K+ pounds of cat and dog food.

On Oct. 11, Pet Food Experts sent more than 40,000 pounds of cat and dog food to help feed the thousands of pets in need in Puerto Rico.

Thousands have fled Puerto Rico in the three weeks since Hurricane Maria hit, but for the millions remaining on the island, the struggle for life’s basic necessities seems to be never-ending. Power outages and a shortage of drinking water have plagued the U.S. commonwealth and many communities remain cut off from the world, with no cellphone service and roads blocked. There are countless Americans aiding in relief efforts both in the U.S. and on the ground in Puerto Rico, supplying basic necessities and support to those affected by the hurricane.

(Add)ventures, a brand culture and communications agency headquartered in Providence, RI, connected Pet Food Experts to those assisting in relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

The (add)ventures team in Miami coordinated the shipment of 21 pallets from Pet Food Experts’ distribution center in Denver, PA, to Miami, FL, which will then be sent to Puerto Rico with the help of Bethenny Frankel, star of REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK.


Since the hurricane hit Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, Frankel has chartered four planes leaving from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and New Jersey to distribute more than 20,000 pounds of donated medical and survival supplies: water, canned goods, diapers, baby food, medical supplies, toys, insulin (courtesy of Univision) — plus 2,000 pounds in non-perishable, nutrient-dense meals from Feeding America and City Harvest, $25,000 in cash gift cards and cash (courtesy of Yieldstreet) and $30,000 in Costco gift cards.

If you would to help the people of Puerto Rico, join Pet Food Experts in making a monetary donation to United for Puerto Rico, an organization providing aid and support to those in need.

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