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Pet Industry Distributors Association Announces New Value Proposition and Strategic Plan

The organization’s key goals will be to connect, inform and advocate within the pet industry to provide growth through distribution.




(PRESS RELEASE) SOUTHEASTERN, PA – The Pet Industry Distributors Association’s (PIDA) board recently finalized a new value proposition and strategic plan that will set the direction for the next few years. PIDA aims to work strategically to connect, inform and advocate on behalf of everyone in the pet care community.

“This dynamic plan incorporates exceptional work from our Board and recognizes the progress made over the last year,” said PIDA Chairman Lloyd Campbell. “I am particularly proud of meeting the short-term goals we set and using that momentum to come up with a strategic plan that will deliver our promise to the stakeholders to connect, inform and advocate for distributors, retailers and vendors.”

PIDA looks at what the value distributors bring to the pet care industry’s entire supply chain as the “Power of D” or growth through distribution. The key goals for the upcoming years are:

  • Connect – PIDA will provide numerous ways to connect manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Formal and informal networking opportunities will be offered to help members thrive. PIDA plans to do this by acting as a resource for products, services and introductions for retailers and manufacturers; providing opportunities for connecting new manufacturers with distributors and retailers; bridging relationships with pet industry associations and their members; and creating opportunities to connect with industry constituents.
  • Inform – PIDA is also a valuable information and education resource for our channel partners, many of which are small independents without access to the same type of in-house support that their larger and/or corporate competitors receive. This will be accomplished by providing training tools to retailers that help them drive value to better serve customers; offering distributor-focused education programs; providing stakeholders best practices: marketing, operations, customer service, and education; and providing information on industry trends and related business climate.
  • Advocate – PIDA is and will remain the lead advocate for the benefits of distribution and its value to the industry. The strategic plan focuses on promoting the message that the biggest asset PIDA distributors bring to the supply chain is customer relationships. This includes expanding the messaging by improving the Power of D website and materials, developing new case studies on distribution, informing new vendors how to bring their brands to the marketplace; supporting the health of independent specialty retailers; articulating the benefits of distribution; shifting the focus to the value distributors provide to stakeholders; and exploring and conveying growth opportunities.

The new Value Proposition can be found here. Visit PIDA staff at SuperZoo Booth 7362.

About the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA)

PIDA’s mission is to enhance the well-being of the wholesaler-distributor, to promote partnerships with their suppliers and customers, and to work cooperatively with other organizations in fostering the human/animal bond.




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