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Pet King Brands Fact Sheet




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What is Pet King Brands known for?
Pet King Brands is known for the patented LP3 Enzyme System at the center of all their ZYMOX® and Oratene® products. Based on over forty years of advanced technology, this innovative system is comprised of three enzymes, each with their own unique properties that are naturally derived.

Why did Pet King Brands get into the pet industry?
Twenty-five years ago, a German Shepard named Elizabeth started it all. Her chronic ear infections inspired her owner and Pet King Brands’ founder, Pam Bosco, to innovate ZYMOX® Ear and Skin and Oratene® Brushless Oral Care products with the help of her bio scientist brother, Michael Pellico.

What’s New?
We are announcing the release of our new ZYMOX® Advanced Enzymatic Ear Wipes, naturally cleansing for dirty ears! Suited for dogs and cats, each jar contains one hundred premium strength textured wipes featuring the renowned LP3 Enzyme System, an effective yet gentle antibiotic alternative that is non-reactive and non-toxic.

What makes this product line special?
The LP3 Enzyme System works synergistically to form a powerful antimicrobial system without the use of harmful antibiotics. This System is so effective that it need only be applied once daily and does not require pre-cleaning.

ZYMOX Ear Wipes, $21.99

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