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Pet Owners Join Great Resistance, Molly Mutt Offers Solutions

Pet owners and employers can benefit from sustainable pet-conscious products.





(PRESS RELEASE) OAKLAND, CA — Pet owners are joining the Great Resistance—a new movement springing out of the Great Resignation that is pushing back on employers dragging workers back to their offices.

According to the New York Times, “more than 23 million American households added a cat or dog during the pandemic.” And a majority of those pets “have never known what it is like to be left alone all day.”

Molly Mutt, an eco-conscious lifestyle retailer that offers a wide range of pet-related products, says that pet owners and employers alike have options when it comes to adjusting to changing work environments.

“Your pets will miss you while you are at work, but our products can help alleviate their anxiety. And, if you can bring your pet with you to the office they will feel even more at home while you attend meetings and socialize with your co-workers,” said Molly Mutt co-founder Molly Mundt.

“They photo-bombed Zoom meetings, typed cryptic messages on their humans’ laptops and found other ways to contribute to the interspecies work environment. For many people, the dogs were the only warm body around — therapist, companion and entertainment system rolled into one,” the New York Times reported.

It’s no wonder then why pet-owning workers are digging in their heels on returning to the office and making clear demands.


Per Inc., an April study reveals “that 71 percent of dog owners in the U.S. are more likely to pursue remote roles over in-office roles so they can take care of and spend time with their pets.”

The survey shows that 44 percent of pet owners won’t take a role if their dog can’t join them and a third of dog owners would change roles if they can’t bring them to the office. Some employers are offering pet-friendly benefits and are open to allowing dogs in the office, or they are offering on-site doggy daycare.

Generational divides are even stronger with 50 percent of Gen Z workers selecting dogs in the office as a top perk when job hunting, compared with 35 percent of Millennials and 18 percent of Baby Boomers.

“The bottom line: people want to be with their dogs,” added Mundt. “If you are an employer, consider bringing in eco-conscious products to supply your office’s doggy daycare or as incentives for bringing pets along for the workweek. Listening to your employees and providing solutions will create a better work culture and alleviate a lot of upset during these challenging times.”

About Molly Mutt

Molly Mutt’s origin story starts with its co-founder, three muddy mutts, a couple of dirty dog beds, and San Francisco’s famous hills. In 2009, Molly grew tired of trying to wash dirty dog beds that would fall apart and need to be replaced.


The thought of how much waste was being created bothered Molly on an ethical level. “Why aren’t there bed duvet covers like the ones that go on my bed?” Molly asked. From there she and her business partners postulated a sustainable future in pet lifestyle offerings, where beds and products were not only more manageable but better for the environment.

“Our stuff sacks were born out of our drive to support a circular economy and provide options for pet owners to upcycle their old tee-shirts, socks and other garments,” added Mundt. “Each Molly Mutt bed is saving 111 pounds of emissions, compared to conventional pre-filled beds. You can also think of it as saving 11 trees. Molly Mutt customers have upcycled over 3.5 million pounds of textiles.”

Molly Mutt received the Pet Sustainability Accreditation—the only accreditation program in the pet industry that measures and verifies businesses’ sustainability claims. The company has aligned its goals and values with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and this year we focused on SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Health, and SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production. The company also works with EcoCart to help offset emissions from shipping orders.



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