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Pet Retailers Share Their Most Successful Kickback Coupons for Adopters

Find out what works and what doesn’t work for your fellow indies.




What is the most successful kickback coupon you’ve given out? We do a cat rescue, and I’m working on ‘goodie bags’ for adopters. These coupons would be included in the bag. — Tara Hellenbrand, Animal House Pet Supplies, Sauk City, WI
  • I have a coupon that goes out to all shelters and rescues in the area. I get about 50 returned each month. The coupon lists the Astro Loyalty adoption package freebies, my logo, etc. It’s a huge hit and has always worked for me! I also do a first-time customer coupon that is super close to the Astro Loyalty adoption package, but with products I’ve teamed up with specific brands to offer. Both coupons include a free wash and self-serve dog wash. — Samm Albright, Whisker & Bone, St. George, UT
  • We have done adoption ones, too, but none came back. I imagine it’s because they weren’t from around us. We have had some success with the bounceback coupon we use during the holidays. Spend X amount in December, come back in January and get X amount off. We just did a neighborhood coupon that we attached to bags of dog biscuits and gave to employees of local businesses. We have already had a couple of those come back. — Rachel Brazil, Lucky Pets, Michael, MN
  • We give our local humane society “20% off your entire purchase” coupons, and they put them in the paperwork kits for every single adopted animal. — Holly Walcutt Mason, Petz Place, New Philadelphia, OH
  • We do a $5 off next purchase when you sign up for our rewards program. They get a physical coupon and later an emailed one as well. We also send a card to them signed by the staff. It adds a personal touch. — Andrea Pavlik, CB Pet Market, Washington, NJ
  • We have a flyer with Astro Loyalty’s Share the Love coupons and some store coupons. Our local rescues give them out. — Jennifer Larsen, Firehouse Pet Shop, Wenatchee, WA
  • We do bounce-back coupons year-round at events and the week after Christmas. $5 off of $25 with a 30-day time period to use it. It has been very successful! — Jennifer Lloyd Flanagan, Nature’s Pet Market, Sherwood, OR

Editor’s note: All answers printed with permission, edited for clarity and length. Join the private PETS+ Facebook Community for retailers and service providers at



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