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Pet Supplies Plus Projects 60 New Stores in 2017




It will have 450 locations in all.

LIVONIA, MI — Franchiser Pet Supplies Plus says it will open 60 new stores in 2017. That would bring its total to 450 locations — more than half of which are independently owned businesses — in 29 states. The 28-year-old retailer cites the pet industry’s growth as the driving force behind its expansion.

The pet industry has seen another year of consistent growth, up 4.1 percent from $60 billion in expenditures in 2015 to $62.75 billion in expenditures in 2016, the company stated in a press release. Continued growth is attributed to the rising number of “pet parents,” or people who treat their four-legged friends as members of the family, lavishing them with all-natural and organic pet foods and treats.

The retailer, which currently has more than 385 stores, signed a total of 33 franchise deals for 75 units in 2016, including 13 deals with multi-unit operators.

With the new locations, the company has grown its presence in existing regions, including the South, East and Midwest, and also entered new markets. For example, 2016 saw Pet Supplies Plus locations open in Colorado for the first time. Additionally, the brand acquired regional chain Pet Extreme in California during the year’s first quarter, with the 10 locations becoming the first Pet Supplies Plus stores on the West Coast when they opened in the fall.


Pet Supplies Plus opened 14 new stores in January 2017 and planned four more for February.

“Pet Supplies Plus put together a milestone year in 2016 and we are already locking in deals and opening brand new stores at an excelling rate in 2017,” said Chris Rowland, CEO of Pet Supplies Plus. “The openings and franchise opportunities create tremendous amounts of homegrown career and business opportunities, all while introducing our brand to neighbors in new U.S. towns so that they can experience a warm, welcoming, local pet store in their community.”

The company says it will continue to enter new regions. It plans to open in the Oklahoma and Kansas markets through franchise expansion. The retailer is also seeking franchise partners to develop its presence in Florida, Houston, Atlanta, Virginia, New England, New York and California.



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