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Pet Sustainability Coalition Welcomes European Pet Companies




BOULDER, CO — The Pet Sustainability Coalition, formed in 2013, is expanding its membership into Europe.

PSC’s expansion is a result of “incredible leadership from European-based pet companies who are eager to answer the call for businesses to take action toward environmental protection and social equality,” according to a press release.

Much like the beginnings of PSC in the U.S., where eight founding member companies came together to contribute financial and strategic support, the European expansion is launching with leadership from Brit, Josera, Protix and Pets International.

“By adopting best in class tools that are used around the world in many different industries, we are well suited to support all types of pet companies regardless of their location,” said Caitlyn Dudas, executive director and co-founder of PSC. “For example, the quick impact assessment is a tool that we customized in partnership with B Corp that translates the assessment in many different languages, and automatically selects custom questions based on a businesses size, type, and location.”

European membership officially opens at Interzoo in Nuremburg, Germany, in May where Josera, Brit, and Protix will release case studies demonstrating that PSC is an effective platform for driving impact in Europe. 

Get up-to-date news from PSC about Interzoo events, new members, case studies and business smart solutions here.  




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