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Pet Tech Challenge Finalists Announced

Five finalists will take the stage on Oct. 15.




(PRESS RELEASE) EDISON, NJ — Pet Connections Expo will host a “pet tank” contest for pet technology companies who have innovative technologies for the pet industry. Five finalists will take the stage Tuesday, Oct. 15, and provide a five-minute pitch on their product to a panel of investors, the press, and attendees. The grand prize winner will be chosen based upon creativity, originality, relevance to the pet industry, and technical problem solving.

“We are excited to showcase the latest technologies in the pet industry and provide the opportunity for these start-ups to gain exposure with our distinguished panel of judges, all of whom are entrepreneurs and also investors in the pets industry, themselves,” stated Bill Doherty, ICD events president and show director.

The five finalists that have been chosen to compete onsite are:

  • Calm, by Crittear – Calm, by CrittEar, is the first of its kind. Calm is a patent pending, in-ear Noise Blocking & Hearing Protection for dogs! Calm is made of a special formulated memory foam and veterinarian approved. It was created for dogs that have noise phobia, noise anxiety from thunderstorms, fireworks or other loud noises, and for dogs that are in situations where they will need noise blocking & hearing protection. It has a shape that is specifically created for a dog’s ear canal that fits dogs from Chihuahuas to Great Danes! And for every working dog, including all therapy dogs, working dogs, military dogs, law enforcement dogs, and search & rescue dogs! The training to accept Calm is as easy as teaching them to sit, roll over, or stay! All you have to do is gently pull up on the dog’s ear to elongate the ear canals. Insert Calm until it is flush into the ear canal opening and then release the ear. Dogs can’t fear what they can’t hear!
  • DogLog App – DogLog’s mission is to help pet owners keep their pets healthy and happy. Other apps track only one part of a pet’s life, like training or dog walker activities. DogLog takes it a step further, combining data from all aspects of a pet’s life to paint a complete picture of a pet’s daily and long-term health and wellness. This is accomplished by enabling pet owners to track and coordinate all care for their pets in the app, empowering them to make more informed decisions about their pets’ activities.
  • SACCO Foldable Urban Dryland Mushing Cart by K-9 Adventures – K-9 Adventures introduces innovative urban dry mushing technology to North America featuring the Sacco dog cart. Urban Dog Mushing is the newest sensation in active dogs and owners coming together for exercise and excitement on any dryland surface including, but not limited to, sand, dirt, grass, rock or cool pavement if safety precautions are met to ensure the safety of your dog’s feet and joints. With four wheels and hydraulic brakes on all wheels, our customers can enjoy the dry mushing to the fullest. SACCO is the safest and most durable cart in the carting world.
  • The MAYA Smart Detector by MAYA Monitoring – More than 500,000 pets are injured by smoke inhalation every year. The problem is that when pets are left home alone, they can’t get out or dial 911 in the event of a fire. When MAYA detects smoke, you instantly receive a text message and a phone call from emergency operators. If you don’t respond or indicate a false alarm, the fire department is dispatched instantly. The response time makes the difference between a little smoke and the possible loss of your furry friends and property. MAYA is the only patented, battery powered smoke detector that is monitored through cell towers. No power, no WiFi, NO PROBLEM! MAYA is the most affordable solution to a huge problem.
  • Petmasters – Petmasters is like the Upwork for pet services. Pet parents can use the platform to post requests for all categories of pet services – not just dog walkers, but real specialists like animal behaviorists, pet massage therapists, lost pet recovery specialists and everything in between. They’ll receive custom quotes and then can hire and pay for the pet service provider they choose right through the platform. No more need to download separate apps for each pet service. And we highlight real professionals and provide much needed transparency around industry certifications, licensing, professional associations and more.

In the event that one of the above companies is not able to participate, backup contestants will be named.



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