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Petcurean Announces Refresh of ‘Now Fresh’ Brand

Refresh includes updated packaging and a new standalone NOW FRESH website and social media channels.




(PRESS RELEASE) CHILLIWACK, BC — Petcurean, producer of premium quality pet food brands available in more than 35 countries around the world, is announcing a global brand refresh of its NOW FRESH recipes for cats and dogs. With new and improved packaging, plus a standalone website, Facebook page and Instagram account, NOW FRESH is more accessible to pet parents than ever before.

As part of the refresh, NOW FRESH recipes have undergone minor changes that do not affect nutritional performance or palatability, allowing most pets currently eating NOW FRESH to switch to the updated recipes with no transition time. NOW FRESH kibble packaging has also been updated to better communicate how the recipes are uniquely positioned in the market, including:

  • NOW FRESH is made with fresh de-boned muscle meat
  • NOW FRESH is minimally processed with no by-product or meat meals
  • NOW FRESH recipes are tailored to life stages and breed sizes
  • NOW FRESH contains over 20 nutrient-rich superfood ingredients

Under a new tagline “Fresh. Simple. Whole. For every size and stage of life,” the refreshed NOW FRESH collection continues to provide pet parents the ultimate peace of mind, knowing they’re feeding their cherished companions perfectly balanced and minimally processed recipes. Featuring functional ingredients and carefully balanced nutrient levels, NOW FRESH recipes offer tailored nutrition to support the health of dogs and cats at each stage of life, with unique kibble shapes and sizes that appeal to pets no matter how big or small.

Like all Petcurean recipes, the NOW FRESH collection for cats and dogs is formulated by Petcurean’s expert nutrition team, and uses only fresh de-boned muscle meat, plus whole eggs, nutrient-rich fruits and veggies, and probiotics. NOW FRESH recipes are grain-free and contain no by-product or meat meals, or artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. Highlights include:

  • Omega fatty acids to support cognitive development in growing puppies and kittens
  • Balanced protein and fat to support growth and development in puppies and kittens, and help maintain a healthy weight in adults and seniors
  • New Zealand Green Mussels, plus added glucosamine and chondroitin to support hip and joint health in adults and seniors
  • Pumpkin, probiotics and prebiotic fibre to help promote good digestion
  • Nutrient-rich superfoods to support digestive and immune system health
  • Added taurine to support vision & heart health

“Our dogs and cats rely on us to choose the best possible nutrition to help them thrive, and we know that can be a difficult decision to make,” said Anabel Immega, marketing manager, Petcurean. “By refreshing NOW FRESH with new packaging, a standalone website and new social media channels, we’re inviting pet parents to join our community of like-minded pet lovers and nutrition experts, and providing resources to help find the perfect recipe for their furry family members. In choosing NOW FRESH, we want pet parents to feel assured they are feeding their cherished companions perfectly balanced, minimally processed recipes that provide premium quality nutrition with a taste their pets will love – that’s our mission today, tomorrow and every day.”

NOW FRESH also offers wet food recipes made with non-GMO ingredients that can be fed as a treat, a kibble topper, or as a complete and balanced meal on their own. Featuring fresh meat, bone broth, and superfood ingredients including cranberries and flaxseed, the wet food recipes are nutritionally complementary to NOW FRESH dry food recipes, and support wet-with-dry combination feeding. Feeding wet food is a great way to help keep pets hydrated, plus the added moisture can help support a healthy urinary tract system. Wet food also gives pet parents more options if their dog or cat has difficulty chewing or their preferences change over time.


NOW FRESH wet food recipes are packaged in innovative Tetra Pak cartons, which are more sustainable to produce and more compact to ship, display and store than traditional cans, and are easily opened and re-closed by hand. Made from Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSCTM) certified paperboard and 67 percent renewable materials, Tetra Pak cartons are also recyclable and BPA-free.



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