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PetDine Opens 2nd Manufacturing Plant

It will double production capacity for liquid food toppers.




FORT COLLINS, CO — Pet supplement manufacturer PetDine is increasing its private-label pet product offering by opening a 10,000-square-foot-facility near its Fort Collins, CO, headquarters.

“The facility will allow PetDine to increase production, increase speed to market for PetDine clients and further heighten PetDine’s passion to make the highest quality pet products on the market,” according to a press release from the company.

The Fort Collins facility will serve as an adjunct space to the company’s Harvard, IL, facility and will double production capacity specifically for liquid food toppers.

“The pet products industry is a fast-paced, ever-growing industry,” said Preston Munsch, PetDine CEO. “Increasing production capacity and staying on the cutting edge of manufacturing will help us speed up our clients’ go-to-market timeline and maintain leadership within the industry.”

Under the guidance of Jay Sokolowski, PetDine senior production manager, the Fort Collins facility “will utilize the company’s access to more than 300 high-quality ingredients to increase output of pet product formulations unique to each client,” according to the release.

“Whether it is liquid pet food toppers, natural animal chews or powders, we want to provide the best health benefits to our four-legged friends and outstanding results at a faster pace for our clients,” said Sokolowski.


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