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Peterra Kitchen Launches Plant-Based Baking Mixes for Dogs and Cats

The company is the brainchild of two nationally recognized registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs), Keri Gans and Jackie Newgent.





(PRESS RELEASE) BROOKLYN, NY — What’s 100 percent plant-based, organic and fun for families to make? Peterra Kitchen, a new plant-forward pet food company, announces the launch of two new innovative baking mixes for dogs and cats. The Brooklyn, N.Y. start-up company is the brainchild of two nationally recognized registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs), Keri Gans and Jackie Newgent.

Made with 100 percent organic, wholesome ingredients, the new vegan products have nothing artificial, including no GMO’s, fillers or preservatives. They also have health-protective herbs and spices and naturally-occurring soluble fiber that offers prebiotic and antioxidant benefits. The gut-friendly (a.k.a. poop-friendly) mixes are prepared into doggy treats or kitty meal mix-ins that are environmentally paw print friendly.

Gans and Newgent created the products knowing that texture and taste are critical for animal palatability. The founders wanted to make products that would also foster the human animal bond. They’re easy to make – just add water, shape, and bake. It’s perfect for everyone of all ages.

The registered dietitian nutritionists co-founded Peterra Kitchen last year. Newgent is also a classically-trained chef. “I wanted a health-promoting meal mix-in for my kitty, Baby Duke, since his vet suggested he was slightly overweight and showed signs of inflammation,” said Newgent. “I couldn’t find an ideal product on the market, so I created my own product featuring fiber and potential anti-inflammatory benefits.”

Newgent also crafted nourishing treats for dogs. “When my dog Cooper came into my life, I welcomed him with Jackie’s amazing homemade cookies,” said Gans.

“He went wild for them. I knew immediately that these cookies needed to be shared with all dogs!”


The canine mix transforms into thumbprint cookies – or if preferred, pinky-print cookies. Pups love these fresh-baked goodies as treats – whole or broken up into small bites. You can also fill the thumbprint indentation with your pup’s favorites, like peanut butter.

The baking mix for cats transforms into botanical bark. Felines ideally enjoy the bark as a meal mix-in – crumbled or broken up and stirred into their meals. It offers a nourishing boost to any cat’s eating repertoire.

The Thumbprint Cookies Baking Mix for Dogs retails at $19.95 for a six-ounce compostable pouch that makes 30 generously-sized homemade cookies or 60 pinky-print cookies. The Botanical Bark Baking Mix for Cats retails for $17.95 in a four-ounce compostable pouch that makes 72 pieces of bark. All ingredients are

Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) approved.

To interview Gans and/or Newgent, reach out to Mary Tan at the above contact information.

About Peterra Kitchen

Peterra Kitchen, LLC, is a women-owned, plant-forward pet food company based in Brooklyn, New York, that specializes in nourishment, sustainability, and fun. They consider pets as family who deserve the best that nature provides. Their chef-crafted products help furry “kids” thrive while shrinking their climate paw print. Peterra Kitchen’s mission is to create products that are loved by pets and kind to the planet, while giving back to organizations that support healthy animals and a healthy planet. For more, visit, Instagram @peterrakitchen, Facebook @peterrakitchen, and TikTok @peterrakitchen. For wholesale pricing, visit here or email




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