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Pets Global Launches New Pet Food Line




(PRESS RELEASE) With more pet parents seeking high-quality pet food at an affordable price, Pets Global has announced the launch of its newest pet food product line: inception.

Available in four dog food recipes and three cat food recipes, inception is free of corn, potato, legumes, wheat and soy. It contains at least 70 percent animal and fish proteins, bound with healthy ingredients such as oats, millet and milo.

In addition to being a nutritious pet food, the inception dog food line also comes with a matching wet formula option that is high in protein, nutritious, and with the additional benefit of having no guar gum, no carrageenan gum, no xanthan gum, and no locust bean gum. Ingredients included in the inception formulas are sourced from around the world to ensure pets are receiving the very best ingredients that pet parents seek in nutritious pet food today.

“Our customers have a wide variety of needs they expect to be met when it comes to their pet’s nutrition,” said Jeff Valdez, customer service manager of Pets Global. “Creating the inception pet food line is our answer to what our valued customers have been requesting for a very long time — great product at a great price, starting at $8.99 for a 4-pound bag.”

Inception is now available in select independent brick-and-mortar retail partners nationwide and Amazon.




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