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PETS+ Readers Share Their Hot-Selling Products and Services for January 2018



Colorado Dawg jerky was a best-seller and is a new product line. We sell the bulk jerky stick in beef, elk, bison and venison at $1.35 each — an all-natural chew containing nothing but smoked meat. As a health-food store for dogs, this product was embraced by our clients instantly! Karen Conell, The Bark Market, Delavan, WI

Colorado Dawg Bison Doggie Burgers in a 3-ounce bag. $10.99.

  • Earth Animal No-Hide Stix, sold individually at the counter. Only 99 cents and an easy add on to almost any sale! Ren Douthit, Dee-O-Gee, Bozeman, MT
  • Our best-selling products are front-clip harnesses, the sensation harness or the PetSafe 3 in 1 harness. We sell these to many of our pet owner clients. They really help teach a dog to walk with out pulling. Retail price is $34.99. They sell themselves. We don’t need promotions. Fran Masters, MasterPeace Dog Training, Franklin, MA
  • Goli Designs’s Nip-naps Owli toy flew off the shelf in January. These are super-cute owl-shaped catnip toys that come in an egg-carton display from an independent company in Oregon. (We love local!) Kate Lindburg, Animal Crackers Pet Supply, Corvallis, OR
  • Gold Paws fleece sweaters $29.99-$34.99. Marilyn Texter, Pawsitive Karma, Castro Valley, CA
  • Paw wax. It was pretty cold and “foot freeze” was prevalent! Jack Carey, Amoskeag Pet Supply, Manchester, NH
  • Since Missouri has had one of the coldest winters it’s had in a long time, we sold a ton of outerwear. Our best-selling items were the pullover fleece vest from Gooby. I believe the fact that they are functional, cute and reasonably priced helped move them out quicker than our more expensive sweaters and coats. Jennifer Silverberg, Fetch Pet Supplies, Springfield, MO
  • Salt, coats and sweaters! We had a rough winter in western Pennsylvania. Toni Shelaske, Healthy Pet Products, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers. All varieties and sizes. Our customers love that you can use it as a treat or an add in to their pets food, and it’s very high quality. Lisa Chalmers, Pawty Palace, Katy, TX
  • NULO grain-free dry dog food. We were one of the first companies to pick up NULO when it launched and it is one of our house brands. We have offered it for several years now as part of our new adoption package, which we give as a free bag when an adoption happens. Since it is so palatable and feeds so well, many people try it and stay on it. Having a strong frequent-buyer package also helps. Pennye Jones-Napier, The Big Bad Woof, Washington, DC
  • Kennelmaster Chicken Chips — aka “doggie crack” — has its own shelf. They recently came out with Chicken Chips & Cheese. The dogs are loving the new product, which we hope will bring more sales. Kennelmaster is a small Florida company and we like doing business with Florida companies because we’re supporting another small Florida business — and it’s woman-owned. Nancy Okun, Cats n Dogs, Port Charlotte, FL
  • Those Ninja dudes (Z-Stitch Warriorz – Nobu the Ninja) from Zippy Paws are flying out the door. Danielle Wilson, Bath & Biscuits, Granville, OH
  • Pet Odor Exterminator candles from Specialty Pet Products. Pet owners are buying it rid their homes of pet odors. We sample the candles by burning one in our reception area — a delicious incentive to buy! Suzanne Locker, ABC Pet Resort & Spa, Willis, TX
  • TropiClean Fresh Breath Oral Care Water Additive. It appeals to our customers because it’s easy to use and the dogs are none the wiser. No promotions needed; we offer it as an addition to dental care and promote it during Pet Dental Care Month. Christin Dixon, Wiggle and Walks Pet Care, Charlotte, NC
  • We sold many sports team themed dog collars from SLiK Hound; they retail around $24. Angela Pantalone, Wag Central, Stratford, CT
  • Our raw foods are growing daily. We see an increase in Steve’s Real Food and Northwest Naturals since they offer bulk boxes. We also are benefiting from Pet Releaf CBD products — we sold a lot before, but now the sales are through the roof. Christine McCoy, The Natural Pet Enrichment Center, North Royalton, OH
  • Our store is located in a fairly urban area, with customers with rather large dogs. Two of our biggest sellers this month has been two new lines of high-end, high-protein dog foods. We added the Bully Max and Maximum Bully lines and our customers are loving it! They like the fact that they can stop in and pick up a bag instead of ordering online. Kristin, Everything Pets, Schenectady, NY
  • Our custom-blended bird food mix. New clients’ birds get fed our mix usually when we come here, and they are thrilled to change their bird’s predominantly seed diet to a much better, non-seed-based diet. Richard S. Weiner, A Refuge for Saving the Wildlife, Northbrook, IL
  • Acrobird playpens. Paul Lewis, Birds Unlimited, Webster, NY
  • Although our standard-length pet-sitting visits still generate more revenue, we are doing more and more of our shorter visits. Since introducing “express” or “potty break” visits to our service menu, some of my clients are adding extra visits. Some clients believe they are “leaving pets alone all day” with a pet sitter, and they have added more short, cheaper visits in the day to break it up. Although this is a bonus by itself, we’ve also had clients change one of their two or three daytime visits to “potty break” visits when our rates increased, rather that switch from us to pet boarding. Ashley Klein, Blue Skies Pet Care, Newton, KS
  • Winter Spa Upgrade, which includes deep conditioning treatments and Pawdicures for the winter dry skin and pads! Sherry Shupe, Fur Baby, Milford, DE
  • We offered the NAGAYU CO2 Skin Therapy system to our clients. It appeals to our clients because it heals and helps to heal hot spots, allergies, dry skin, hair loss, and so much more. We will be doing a special each month where a new client can try it at half price. Kristina Robertson, The Pet Spa at Barkley Square, Falls Church, VA

 This article originally appeared in the April 2018 edition of PETS+.

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Pet Sustainability Coalition

Pet Sustainability Coalition Presents: Critical Sustainability Strategies for Retailers

This webinar, held on November 7, 2019, is the second in a series from PSC discussing how retailers can establish sustainable practices in their business. Moderated by PSC’s Andrea Czobor, the webinar unveils data behind the increasing consumer demand for sustainable products, what retailers have to gain from connecting with these purpose driven consumers, and a new PSC program that makes finding these products easier for retailers.

Promoted Headlines


 8 Tanks to Up Your Aquarium Sales

No need for your customers to drive to the aquarium.




BRANSON, MO. is about to cut the red ribbon on a life-sized under-the-sea experience, complete with glass seating, stunning visuals and wild sculptures. At the same time, virtual reality companies are developing multi-sensory immersive diving experiences that let people dive with whales and double as harm-free ways to observe large underwater mammals. Point is, aquariums are on trend. Stock up on tanks that give people an underwater experience at home.

Waterworld Cylinder Aquarium


KEY FEATURES: A 53-gallon acrylic tank comes with a complete and customizable top filtration unit, plus an integrated bubble wall that creates an eye-catching aeration display.

SALES TIP: It’s a stunner — set it up as a showstopper anywhere in your store., (866) 625-2385



Flex Aquarium


KEY FEATURES: An all-in-one 32.5-gallon freshwater tank equipped with a built-in filtration system with two independent multi-stage chambers for maximum cleaning efficiency.

SALES TIP: Curves and swerves, this is a bold curved aquarium series offers total control over brilliant custom colors, multiple dynamic effects and a programmable 24-hour light timer., (800) 554-2436


C-Vue All-in-One Aquariums

Cobalt Aquatics

KEY FEATURES: House discus, dwarf cichlids, reef tanks and even planted aquariums in this oversized all-in-one setup, swallowing up 45 gallons.

SALES TIP: This an all-in-one aquarium that works for both beginning hobbyists and hardcore fish geeks who want to create any aquarium style they desire., (803) 591-9500


Goldfish Program


KEY FEATURES: A top-to-bottom kit tailored to your customers’ fish with food samples, nutrition and built-in water care.

SALES TIP: All in one: Outfit first-timers with everything they need for an easy aquatic experience, from setup to ongoing care., (800) 526-0650





KEY FEATURES: This 6.5-inch cube is a small but fancy aquarium made from ultra-clear glass perfect for undemanding plants, shrimp and Betta fish.

SALES TIP: A real glow up: Its seams accumulate light and glow in the dark, creating a fascinating view when the light goes off., (888) 236-9538


ProStar Rimless Aquarium

Pro Clear Aquatic Systems

KEY FEATURES: This rimless glass aquarium sits on a modern cabinet and includes sump filtration made of glass and a matching power cord.

SALES TIP: Top it off: To counter the evaporation problem common in rimless tanks, this line sits on the sump, which tops off the water automatically., (904) 448-6800


Exhibit Series Integrated Aquarium


KEY FEATURES: Frameless modern glass aquariums with glass canopy covers and stands. The multistage integration filtration system stays hidden behind the back wall of the tank.

SALES TIP: Total control: Handle all the lighting and effects through the Marineland app., (800) 526-0650



Ornamental Shrimp Aquarium

Koller Products

KEY FEATURES: One-piece construction means a leak-proof 1.5-gallon aquarium. Complete with multiple-color LED lights and a built-in internal power filter to keep the clear walls sparkling.

SALES TIP: A good fake: The crystal-clear clarity will have people thinking it’s glass and not impact-resistant plastic., (800) 545-1344


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Hot Sellers

Here Are August’s Hot Sellers

Pet Releaf leads this month.




There is a toy company called FabDog, and their pizza toy is definitely the hot seller! It is a round disc that looks like a pizza, with a big squeaker inside, and comes in an actual pizza box! — Sandy House, The Store at Paws ’N Effect, Hamden, CT

  • Pets Global Zignature, Essentials, Fussie Cat. Great company, always available for education. Excellent sales rep: Andy Meese. — Greg Gorski, Cody Pet Depot, Cody, WY
  • Honest Kitchen Clusters $1.99 for a 1-pound trial size with a $5 off bounce-back coupon. — Jack Carey, Food for Pets, Manchester, NH
  • My Perfect Pet, gently cooked food. — Marilyn Texter, Pawsitive Karma, Castro Valley, CA
  • Pet Releaf continues to be a strong seller for us. I’ve scheduled in-store Pet Releaf demos on weekends to help boost product awareness. We’ve seen some trade-off between sales of grain and grain-free foods, with grain-free being down overall. — Keefer Dickerson, Nashville Pet Products, Nashville, TN
  • In prep for Fall we ran a BOGO special on Nummy Tum-Tum pumpkin cans. We gave customers ideas on how to add pumpkin to their dog’s diet to support overall digestive health and deliver nutrients in a fun way to promote mental stimulation. Many customers that may not have bought this product before, did — and they are coming back looking for it now that the special has ended! — Johnna Devereaux, Fecth RI, Richmond, RI
  • Answers Raw Beef 4-pound Detailed Formula Patties. (First time a raw food moved into the top spot.) — Janelle Pitula, Wags to Whiskers, Plainfield, IL
  • Himalayan PET SUPPLY’s JugHead’s were new to my store last month. When I brought them in I ran a promotion of Buy a JugHead, Get the Himalayan Cheese for Free. The promotion went great, getting a lot of the new toys in customer’s hands and have had a great return on customers returning for more cheese refills. — Taylor Gonzalez, Three Tails Parlor and Pantry, Columbia, IL
  • As always CBD. We sell Pet Releaf tinctures, capsules and treats. (Range: $21.99-$83.99.) I also sell a local CBD company called reLeaves from TSIGFY. (Range: $29.99-$259.99). Their product is for people and pets. I have customers from their 20s to their 80s coming to inquire and purchase these products. They love them because it changes their pets’ quality of life. From anxiety, pain management, arthritis/hip and joint issues, to even help with cancer symptoms (and so much more). The Pet Releaf has a loyalty plan just like most of the foods we sell (buy 10 get one free). ReLeaves is now working with Astro Loyalty too and soon will have a loyalty plan that we will be able to offer. It’s outstanding to be able to offer these plans to our customers. — Kimberly Gatto, The Wagging Tail, Las Vegas, NV
  • RedBarn bully slices sold in bulk were very popular with our visitors. Priced at 99 cents each, customers would buy several of each flavor as a quick and easy treat for their pups. — Wendy Megyese, Muttigans, Emerald Isle, NC
  • Heavenly Hounds – Customers really respond to a simple way to help their dogs with anxiety. We double expose it on the counter and with our other calming supplements. — Matt Brazelton, Four Muddy Paws, St. Louis, MO
  • Smallbatch freeze-dried treats flew off the shelves this month! — Katherine Ostiguy, Crossbones, Providence, RI
  • Primal Goat Milk pint and Fromm pet food. Fromm and Primal partnered for every bag of Fromm 12 pounds or more sold, the customer would get a free Primal Goat Milk. It was part of the Build a Better Bowl program. It worked; we are now selling more and more goat milk. — Paula Gorman, Pet Supplies ’N’ More, Muskego, WI
  • Our bundles are now a top seller in our boutique. After taking a training class in The Pet Boss Club a couple of months ago that was led by Doug Martin from Treat Planet, I applied the theory of bundling a few items at a set price to sell more of that item. We started with Bully Sticks and No Hide Sticks in groups of five, and our sales of these two items are up 18 percent since implementing. — Teresa Hogge, Belly Rubs N Suds, Ashburn, VA

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From CBG to PSL, 10 of the Newest Products

They can even make perfect gifts for the holiday!




Because PSL

We are well into pumpkin spice-latte season, and BEAST & BUCKLE wants to help pups join in on the fun. Its PSL-themed reversible harness is made from high-quality neoprene and breathable mesh, and it features secure buckles and a sturdy D-ring that supports all standard leashes, including the company’s matching PSL one.


For Multi-Cat Homes

NATURALLY FRESH CAT LITTER introduces its new Multi-Cat Natural Litter. Made from walnut shells, this clumping formula absorbs three times more than clay litter, and eliminates both urine and fecal odors, making it a more effective option for busy boxes. Biodegradable, the non-GMO, non-toxic litter remains free of silica dust and fragrance, and comes in 14- and 26-pound bags.

Price by Request


For Customers with DCM Fears

With the nutritional boost of added taurine, SuperGravy from CLEAR CONSCIENCE PET also gives peace of mind to pet parents who have concerns about dilated cardiomyopathy. The tasty topper mix also features TRI-GESTIVE Microbiome Support — probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes — and comes in Paw Jus with beef liver, Barkinara with pork liver, and Arfredo with Greek yogurt, in 30-serving pouches.


CBG, AKA Cannabigerol

HOLISTIC HOUND introduces cannabigerol to the pet market with its new Organic Full-Spectrum CBG Oil. One of the five major phytocannabinoids in the cannabis or hemp plant, CBG has powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, with strong affinities for the bladder, bowel and brain, early research suggests. It is also known to help with anxiety and depression, but with a mildly energizing effect as compared to the usually calming effect of CBD. It is believed to naturally increase dopamine levels, as well, which help regulate attention, learning and emotional responses. Research also points to CBG having greater antibacterial and antifungal properties than other cannabinoids. Available in a 300-mg bottle, and appropriate for dogs and cats.


Tater Tot-Endorsed CBD

Fans of Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls and Parolees will recognize Tater Tot on the packaging of TREATIBLES’ newest soft treat. Tater’s Sweet Potato Tots feature the Villalobos Rescue Center dog as brand ambassador, with the goal of bringing peace and calm to dogs everywhere through organic broad-spectrum hemp oil, valerian root, passion flower extract and chamomile flower. Treatibles donates $1 from every canister sold to the center’s veterinary expenses fund. Each canister contains 60 chews.



Stocking Stuffers

The holiday treats from BOCCE’S BAKERY make excellent gifts for both nice and naughty pups. The 2019 flavors are Nana’s Sticky Pudding, Ginger Snaps, Red Velvet and Lumps of Coal. Available in 6-ounce bags.


For Itchy Pups

Oatmeal & Aloe Grooming Wipes from EARTHBATH use the soothing and moisturizing properties of colloidal oatmeal and aloe vera to clean away dirt and dander while combating skin irritations, promoting healing and re-moisturizing sensitive, dry skin. The botanical fragrances of vanilla and almond also help keep pups smelling great between baths. Can be used daily and come in a 100-wipe resealable tub.


Hand-Knit Warmth

For dogs who prefer their clothing to be handknit, UP COUNTRY delivers with the Floral Basketweave Sweater. The turtleneck comes in six sizes and three colors: black, pink and green.



Keep Calm and Meow On

The Calm Carrier from VAN NESS took home two awards from SuperZoo 2019’s New Product Showcase, in the categories of Lifestyle and Humanized Pet Products. The carrier features a drawer that cats can climb into, which then slides in, eliminating forced loading. Engineered and built to IATA Airline standards and made from odor- and stain-resistant plastic, it has flow-through ventilation on all four sides, making it perfect for travel.


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