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PIJAC Continues Leadership At Pet Industry Summit




(Press Release) The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) continued its leadership in advocating for the responsible pet industry and its efforts to support and enhance the human-animal bond during the second annual Pet Industry Leadership Council (PILC).

On Wednesday, Feb. 1, PIJAC President and CEO Mike Bober described challenges and opportunities facing the pet industry. Bober discussed strategies to pro-actively implement effective internal standards, support positive legislative and regulatory developments, and change existing laws.

“PIJAC has made great progress in pro-actively helping lawmakers, regulators, and the general public understand what it means to be part of the responsible pet industry,” said Bober.

One way PIJAC has helped the industry to do this over the past year involved two Capitol Hill pet events that drew more than 500 people. According to Bober’s presentation, the events increased positive awareness of the pet industry among lawmakers and staff. They also received tremendous media coverage that showed the pet industry to be the compassionate partner of the human-animal bond.

Bober also moderated a panel discussion on Thursday, February 2 that focused on the industry’s overall leadership through self-regulation and improved standards. Speakers included PIJAC Board Chair Laura “Peach” Reid, PIJAC Canada President and CEO Louis McCann, World Pet Association Director of Grooming and Special Services Judy Breton, and Coastal Pet Products Director of Sales and Marketing Kim Stout.


The panel analyzed ways the pet industry proactively demonstrates its commitment to animal well-being through industry-developed standards. McCann discussed retail stores in Canada, while Breton described a historic collaboration on safety and sanitation standards for professional groomers and stylists. Stout touched on product safety testing, and Reid updated attendees on small animal care standards PIJAC is currently working with breeders and distributors to develop.

“I’m so proud of the work the responsible pet industry is doing to provide compassionate care for animals while providing for the needs of tens of millions of pet lovers,” said Reid. “I couldn’t be more pleased with PIJAC’s successes on these and other fronts.”

Hundreds of industry leaders have been at the three-day PILC conference in Laguna Beach, CA. PILC was founded last year as a melding of the PIJAC Top2Top Conference and the Pet Industry Distributors Association’s annual Management Conference, and features speakers, panels, and networking opportunities.



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