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PIJAC: NJ Veto Override Withdrawal Good News for Pets and Pet Pros




They can ‘breathe easier for another day,’ group president says.

(PRESS RELEASE) Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) President Mike Bober said in a statement Thursday that New Jersey State Sen. Raymond Lesniak’s withdrawal of a veto override effort is good news for those involved in the care of companion animals.

“While no official vote was counted, Senator Lesniak’s withdrawal of his misguided veto override effort is a sure sign that Republicans and Democrats alike are standing with all who care for and about pets,” said Bober. “Pet professionals, cat and dog lovers, and pets can breathe easier for another day.”

Lesniak had intended to hold a vote to attempt to override Gov. Chris Christie’s conditional veto of Senate Bill 3041. According to Bober, S3041 threatened the sale of dogs and cats from reputable breeders and retailers. He also said that it was unnecessarily punitive, with a “three strikes” measure that was specifically criticized by Christie when the veto was issued.

“Regretfully, New Jersey’s pet professionals, the pet-loving public, and pets cannot rest easy,” Bober said. “Senator Lesniak has already said that he plans to bring the bill back up at a later date, which is unfortunate since S3041 offers almost none of the pet and consumer protections claimed by proponents, and risked the closure of ethical partners in pet care across the state.”

“The responsible pet trade is proud to stand behind New Jersey’s existing, top-in-the-nation pet and consumer protections – which would be undermined by S3041” Bober said. “We at PIJAC urge state Senators to stand strong.”


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