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Planet Dog Introduces Orbee-Tuff Snowman




(Press Release) WESTBROOK, ME – Planet Dog, a leader in eco-friendly and durable toy design in the pet industry, has introduced the perfect new holiday toy: the Orbee-Tuff Snowman!

This new Snowman toy is the perfect holiday gift! With the same durable Orbee-Tuff material your dog has always loved, the Snowman is ranked 4 out of 5 chompers on the durability scale. The Snowman is stuffable; perfect for filling with your dog’s favorite treats or holiday leftovers to keep them occupied for hours.

Pair the Snowman with your Orbee-Tuff Carrot and Snowball, and you have everything you need to make Frosty come to life!

The Snowman also doubles as a wine bottle topper, making it a fun and festive gift for both dog and human.

The Snowman measures 5.25” tall and is available for $17.95 MAP.


To learn more about Planet Dog, visit Snowman Front

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